Custom Button Pins

What Do You know About Custom Button Pins?

Vograce Custom button pins are made of various types of materials such as metal, enamel, acrylic, and holographic films. They can be made into different shapes and sizes, including ornaments, cuffs, bookmarks, and commemorative pins. Holographic button pins, for example, are made with holographic films and are great for a variety of different occasions.


Vograce offers a diverse variety of custom button pins, enamel pins, key chains, bookmarks, and other related products. Whether you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or are looking to make an extra-special pin for yourself, Vograce has the materials and experience to make it happen.

Acrylic is a highly flexible material that can be easily shaped and cut. The process for manufacturing Vograce acrylic products is fast and effective. Special acrylic ink is printed on a transparent PET film and then pasted onto the acrylic sheet. The result is a colorful, highly durable item that won’t lose its gloss or shine. It is also odorless and can be cut to fit your specific needs.

Vograce’s factory is equipped with professional equipment and staffed with more than 200 employees, ensuring high-quality products and quick delivery. They have three methods of printing, including single-sided, double-sided, and different-sided. They print on two sides of the board – one on the reverse side, and one on the front. The epoxy side, by default, is the front side.

Vograce has a huge selection of custom-cat-ear button pins to choose from. They are available in-store and online. These cat-ear shaped buttons are available in different colors, shapes, and materials. Vograce also offers a variety of packaging options for your custom buttons.

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Holographic films

Vograce offers custom button pins in a variety of styles. These pins can be round or square, and made from a variety of materials. They can be used as buttons, ornaments, cuffs, bookmarks, and more. Holographic films are also available on several other products, such as keychains and bookmarks. Another popular style of custom pin is the heart-shaped design.

Vograce custom button pins come in various materials and colors. Their acrylic materials make it easy to change the colors. They also feature colorful holographic films. Vograce uses poly-methyl methacrylate, which is more durable and weather-resistant than other plastics. It is also a fast and easy material to process and dye.

Acrylic magnets from Vograce are a popular option for promotional gifts, as they are made of a quality acrylic material. They are strong enough to be used as refrigerator magnets, and are also a great choice for deluxe business cards. You can even choose to get custom acrylic magnets for your company’s awards.

Soft enamel

To get started with your custom button pins, there are a few things you need to know. Using solid colors and adhering to the Pantone color matching system is crucial. You should also avoid using transparent colors or gradients. In addition, you should avoid using small fonts and small colors and make sure your design has a large enough bleed area.

A hard enamel pin is a durable, long-lasting option with a smooth surface. It is used to make badges, and it is ideal for displaying logos and images. However, hard enamel pins are less durable than soft enamel and are not as vivid. Whether hard or soft enamel, you’ll need to keep them properly preserved.

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Custom enamel pins from Vograce are odor-free, durable, and inexpensive. They can also be made into many forms, including commemorative pins, badges, ornaments, and belt buckles. The cost of custom enamel button pins depends on the pin size and other specifications. Typically, a one-inch pin costs between $175 and $200. Adding more details will increase the price. The turnaround time varies, but typically, custom enamel pins are produced within ten days or two weeks.

After you’ve approved a production proof and approved artwork, the manufacturer will begin the process of making your pins. The turnaround time is typically 10 days if you need your pins rushed, and 15 days if you want them shipped out immediately. Be sure to ask for a tracking number if you need to track your pins’ progress. This will help you avoid losing a pin while in transit.

If you’re working with a supplier in a different country, the turnaround time may be longer than usual. You can always opt for expedited shipping if you need the pins faster. Some manufacturers like offer rush services, which will produce your pins in a few days.

3D molds

Vograce offers custom button pins made from metal, acrylic, and soft enamel. The pins are highly customizable and can be made into a variety of products, from commemorative pins to badges and ornaments. You can also use the custom button pins as a key chain, lanyard, or bookmark.

The process of creating enamel pins starts with determining the demand for the product. It’s a good idea to start small and order a small quantity, then increase the quantity as demand increases. Once the demand has been confirmed, you can start selling your pins on online marketplaces such as Amazon. You can also create your own online store, which acts as a virtual home for your pins and connects you with shoppers.

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Custom epoxy button pins have a high-quality texture and are resistant to water. They can be ordered with either a glitter epoxy coating or a front-side epoxy coating. The turnaround time is typically two to seven business days. Depending on the number of orders, lead times will vary. Larger orders will receive heavier discounts.

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