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Want to Keep Your Office Air Clean? Tips on Maintaining the Ductwork

When you work in an office with a lot of people, air quality is critical, especially if you have an HVAC system, which is needed to keep the office temperature cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

And one of the best ways to oversee the air quality in the workplace is to perform regular maintenance of the ductwork.

So, what are the best tips for doing this?

Keep Them Clean

Keep the ducts clean by removing dust and debris that can accumulate over time. This can be done by using a brush and vacuum or by hiring a professional duct cleaning service. If you have a large office, it may be worth looking into large office ductwork cleaning as a way to provide a deep clean to the area. This can usually be done once or twice a year.

Have a Look

Regularly inspect the ducts for leaks or damage and seal any leaks or holes that are found. This should be done at least once a month.

If you find a hole in the ductwork, there are several ways to seal it. One is with metal tape; this is a strong and durable option for filling small gaps in metal ducts. Simply clean the area around the hole and apply the tape, pressing it firmly onto the duct surface. You can also use fiberglass mesh; this is a strong and durable option for sealing larger holes in metal ducts. Clean the area around the hole and apply the mesh, pressing it firmly onto the duct surface and securing it with duct mastic or metal tape.

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Check the Insulation

Making sure that the ducts are properly insulated is essential to prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Doing this is simple. Look for the insulation around the ducts. It should be visible as a white or yellowish material wrapped around the vents. Look for any gaps or missing insulation. If you find any, it means the insulation is not doing its job correctly and needs to be repaired or replaced. You can use an external thermometer to check the temperature of the air that comes out of the ducts, especially in cold weather. If the temperature is low, it means that the insulation may not be working correctly.

Check the Ventilation

Checking the ducts for proper ventilation to ensure that they are not creating a health hazard is another part of maintaining these systems.

Use a piece of tissue paper or a hand-held fan to check the airflow coming out of the vents. The airflow should be solid and consistent. If it is weak or uneven, it could be a sign of poor ventilation. Keep an eye out for mold or mildew in the vents or around the ducts. This can indicate poor ventilation and a possible health hazard.

Change the Filters

Maintaining your HVAC system and changing air filters regularly will help to keep your ductwork functioning correctly.

It is recommended to change the air filters in your ductwork at least once every three months. However, if there are pets in the workplace, staff with allergies, or the office is a dusty area, you may need to change the filters more often.

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