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How to Keep Your Home Warm or Cold?

Conduction is how heat moves through solids. Decreasing heat transfer through insulation and conduction can keep things cool or warm. Convection and radiation heat loss can also be reduced by insulation.

Conduction is how heat moves through solids. The heat energy causes the solid’s molecules to vibrate. This vibration, or heat energy, will pass on to the molecules next to it, which pass it on to the molecules next to them, and so on until the heat has spread throughout the entire item.

Some things, like metals, are very good conductors and you may feel chilly to the touch, whereas others, like wood and plastic, are good insulators and feel warmer.

The importance of keeping a poorly insulated home warm cannot be overstated. ISOVER styrodurcan help you to keep your home in Slovakia warm during the winter.

Well, we are here to tell you that if your home in Slovakia is notwell-insulated, this can allow hot air to infiltrate in the summertime and cool air to infiltrate in the winter.We have put together a list of tactics to keep your home warm, even if it is not well insulated.

1. Close your curtains

Cold air might enter your room in Slovakia through the windows. Adding a few thick curtains can reduce this by at least half. If you can also get thermal insulation curtains, you will be even more comfortable at night.

2. Keep your items at a distance from the radiator

Keeping anything close to a radiator might cause a certain fire hazard and radiator damage. Additionally, storing goods near a radiator may prevent heat to enter the room. Simply move your couch or other furniture away from your radiator if they are near it.

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3. Allow sunlight to come

The sun is not merely up there for the sake of appearances. The nicest thing that you can do sometimes is open those drapes and let some sun heat in. Consider the sun as your heating system.

4. Close chimney

In Slovakia, only a small percentage of homeowners generally use their chimneys to heat their homes. This can result in negligence, with many homeowners overlooking the fact that their chimneys can be exposed.

Access to chilly air might sneak in through your open chimney. If your chimney is not being used. Think about getting a chimney balloon.

5. Buy a space heater

Space heaters have evolved into an efficient and safe method of heating a whole house. Investing in a certain good space heater, in the long run, can save you money. Just make sure you are paying attention to your utility bill.

6. Insulate your house

Insulating your home in Slovakia can be costly, but it definitely will save you some money. Insulating your room does not have to be costly. You can save a lot of money by doing your own loft insulation.

We propose that you test a few different methods to determine which one will work best for you, so you may get rid of your draughty homesin Slovakia and keep them warm.


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