Traditional LTE 4G/5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools v/s RantCell

When it comes to Reliable 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Reliable RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester there are multiple options to choose from in the current market. Several organizations still rely on the Traditional tools that come with hardware and software that generates bulk logs and also require a qualified test engineer to conduct these tests and have a hefty cost aspect to it, however over the past couple of years various Regulators, Operators, and other service providers are shifting towards the modern-day testing tools such as Rantcell which not only simplifies the entire testing process but also is an extremely pocket-friendly solution compared to the traditional network measurement tools. 

In this article, we shall look into how network testing has changed over time and has evolved into much more of a simplified, cost effective, and accurate way of collecting information and how Rantcell is helping service providers and regulator’s across the globe to make this transition to fulfill their testing needs. But before we do that let’s briefly understand some of the basic goals of an RF Drive test. 

Some of the key information that RF drive testing focuses on are as follows:

  • Signal levels
  • Signal quality
  • Interference
  • Dropped calls
  • Blocked calls
  • Anomalous events
  • Call statistics
  • Service level statistics
  • Quality of Service information
  • Handover information
  • Neighboring cell information
  • GPS location co-ordinates

Now the traditional tools provide a detailed insight on the network parameters but in the majority of the cases 80% of the KPIs are not a priority and only certain key parameters are taken into account for further evaluation. Another major downside to this is that since the collected data is huge, it becomes an extremely challenging task to convert these collected data into a presentable manner for further analysis. The traditional method has been of help to the service providers, helping them to collect every single information related to RAN but this method is extremely expensive and features such as automation and test scheduling are unavailable, hence there is a significant need for the service providers to look for an alternative solution that comes with all the modern features that help ease the RF Drive testing process. 

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Let us now look into specific areas where Rantcell overcomes the challenges faced by the traditional tools :

Accessibility :  

 Rantcell is a smartphone-based application that works on any modern-day android/IOS device and helps in capturing key performance indicators that are essential for a Drive testing tool through a very simplified and user-friendly cloud dashboard where you get to access the live testing data in real-time. It does not come with any external hardware that is usually associated with the traditional device and is a very easy and simple tool to use without the need for an expert RF Engineer. This allows the opportunity to go ahead with the tests even without a skilled network test engineer.

Automation :

One of the main advantages of using Rantcell is the series of modern-day features that come along with it like Remote testing and day-wise scheduling which allows companies to create a schedule according to their testing requirements and automate the entire process with saves their travel expenditure and well as manpower. All in all this is a major win-win for testing in remote locations such as Factories which hugely depend on the wireless networks for functioning and require regular tests.

Economical :

The traditional tools are extremely expensive and usually, come with extensive hardware which requires qualified engineers to operate and conduct these tests. With Rantcell there are convenient monthly subscription plans starting from 80$ a month and given the nature of the application, you don’t necessarily need a qualified engineer in order to run these tests. In short, the companies save both on the testing device as well as manhours.

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While there are organizations that are still continuing to use traditional tools for their end to end testing requirements, we see a huge shift towards the usage of modern testing tools like Rantcell by government and private telecom companies which is a clear indication that the tester market is only set to become ever more versatile and less complicated as before.

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