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Top 8 packaging types that are still popular in packaging industry!

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As we wrap up 2021 and begin preparations in welcoming another solid new year, let’s take a step back and look at the various types of packaging that did not go out of style. Packaging, without a doubt, plays a significant role in creating an impression for the product. It is the first thing that is noticed about the product.

Remember how you undressed your very first iPhone, you felt every part of the sleek white box. It is an experience that is memorable. This is what Apple does, it plays around with packaging to provide an amazing customer experience.

As another challenging year of the pandemic comes to an end, a lot has changed in the business industry. People now prefer to shop online, which has increased how products are packaged and delivered to customers. As a result, packaging has become the key to creating business success. There are now new designs and colors that catch our eye immediately; new characters make us smile. However, certain packaging designs and types have not gone out of style and are still popular amongst customers.

Paperboard Boxes:

A business favorite and widely popular form of packaging. Numerous businesses worldwide use paperboard boxes for their custom packaging as these boxes come in various shapes and sizes. The flexibility of the custom boxes makes it an ideal choice to pack several different products. Apart from that, it is also a cost-effective option for firms. Since paperboard boxes are durable and lightweight, they allow various items to be packaged with ease.

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Good quality paper boxes are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. This is the reason these are still one of the famous packaging’s. Additionally, these can be printed and designed using the latest techniques. Such a great choice!

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated or cardboard box, are the same thing. Cardboard boxes come in various shapes and sizes. These custom printed boxes help in packaging large shipping items, shoes, etc. One of the most significant benefits of these corrugated boxes is that they are made from recycled material, which means that they can reuse. These boxes are commonly used to deliver pizzas, small consumer items, etc.

These are hard and durable. So many packing boxes are great for food, retail, and shipping products, and other products. Moreover, these can be designed and produced in large boxes as well.

Plastic Boxes:

Ever since plastic was created in this world, it has replaced many kinds of wood, ceramic, glass, etc. A popular choice of custom box packaging. They are durable than paperboard boxes, and airtight plastic containers are widely used to preserve perishable items. The transparency of the plastic custom printed boxes is something that people prefer as the product can be seen through it quickly.

But keep in mind that only good-quality plastic packaging is popular now because consumers prefer eco-friendly packing. So only good quality plastic material is recyclable and safe for the earth.

Rigid Boxes:

Many luxury retailers opt for rigid custom boxes for their products. It is similar to a cardboard material but is made from premium material and thus does not feel like a cardboard box. You would often see iPhone, Tiffany, and co-high-end products being packed in rigid containers. They are highly customizable, and the custom printed boxes can have embossing, windows, lids, etc.

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These are mainly used and customized for electronics and moving boxes used to pack and deliver heavy items. You can get rigid printed boxes in the UK in all sizes.

Chipboard boxes:

This is also a type of packaging still used by many businesses, mainly the food, medical, cosmetic, and beverage industries. Another form of packaging that goes easy on the pocket. Its printed boxes in the UK come in various shapes and sizes, this allows many items to store in such containers easily. In addition, its lightweight material helps in storing heavy items. So you would see cereals, tissue boxes stored in chipboard boxes.

This is mostly used for light products. However, this type of packaging is also used as gift boxes customized according to the product and preferences. These can design in any shape like sleeves boxes, window boxes, etc. Visit metro 2.


A plastic pouch bag that is still used heavily for various kinds of items. Polybags are mostly used to store certain types of food, magazines, etc. it’s a zip locking feature that protects the custom packaging from any scratches and dirt.

These are widely used for commercial and other purposes. This ensures the safety of the products and adds more value to them. Polybags are long-lasting and used for several purposes.

Paper bags.

An eco-friendly option that a vast number of businesses have adopted. You would often see clothes, shoe bee packaged in paper bags. Easy on the pocket, it is easily customized.

Paper bags are considered to be the initial stage of packing, but still, these are popular. No doubt, these are the best packaging indeed. However, you can customize them according to your brand persona.

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Bottle and cap packaging:

A type of packaging that has been used for years by beauty brands and pharmaceutical companies. There are expensive bottles, and there are some plastic bottles that are much cheaper options.

Cosmetic boxes, lotion bottles, eyelash boxes, and beverage packaging are great. Bottle packaging can also customize. It not only saves you from extra packing box but a unique design can do wonders.


Businesses still use numerous packaging types. Some of them are used due to budget-friendliness, while others show off their respective luxury brand.

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