Things to Keep in Mind While Styling Your Cowboy Hat

Men’s western trends have been reshaped and modified through the ages to meet the demands of the wearers. And the men’s fashion world is witnessing the surge of western wear stronger than ever before. Western-style has never been out of sight. And if you are a follower of fashion trends, you will be able to predict that it is here to stay as a style indicator for a long time to come. Many luxury men’s brands explore the different western pieces to satisfy their customers with the loved rugged look of the cowboys. The men folks around the world have welcomed the spirit of the American West wholeheartedly in these modern times. 

The cowboy hat is probably the most sought-after western wear. Why won’t it be? The moment you put on this headgear, it transforms the whole look dramatically. But to enhance the drama in your appearance, you will also need to keep in mind a few things when you think of styling the hat. Remember that when you want to try out any style, you have to juxtapose the elements in such a way that the purpose and accuracy are maintained. A cowboy hat is a bold accessory. You have to follow some tips to bring together the whole look if you want to do justice to the iconic hat.

Choosing your type

There are several types of cowboy hats, and that can confuse you as to what to choose. It might take some time to decide what would look good on you. Some of the most loved styles are 

  • The Derby
  • The Pinched Front
  • The Gambler
  • The Cattleman
  • The Dakota
  • The Gus
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We know it may be overwhelming for you but hold your ground firmly, and you will surely stumble upon the right hat style with the perfect fit that will be a worthy inclusion to your closet. If you are searching for a dressier hat, your go-to option will be a felt cowboy hat. If you intend to use it for everyday purposes, a straw western hat will serve you well. Also, take into account the detailing of the hat, like the hatbands, buckles, or other embellishments, if it’s any particular occasion you want to wear it. But look for a type that will complement your face shape.

Choosing the color

Since the main objective of wearing a cowboy hat was to protect the ranchers from the extreme heat of the sun, the preferred color of their hats was white or shades of white as it reflects the heat and helps keep them cool. 

But if you look at the stats, black cowboy hats for men happen to be the most selling western headgears, followed by brown. If you are wondering what you should opt for, the safest thing would be to opt for neutral tones. Black color, more or less, goes with anything. You can try tan or brown shades if you know how to carry them with the right ensemble. 

Basics first

A cowboy hat should not be worn backward. Many of them have a tiny bow around the headband on their inner lining. See that the bow is at the rear of your head or that the front is thinner. The hat’s low point should be in the back, while the high point should be in the front. Even if no one can spot the difference, you will.

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Knowing the language of the brims

Cowboy hat brims have their own language, so make sure you’re expressing what you mean. A brim that is level suggests a straightforward attitude. Sliding it down over the eyes gives a mysterious appearance. You may give yourself a roguish flair by tilting your cowboy hat to the side, but be watchful. People might assume that either you’re hunting for romance or trouble. If you don’t want to appear overly friendly, don’t raise the brim too high. 

Choosing the right outfit

When you look for the right cowboy attire, you may tend to overdo things. Your outfit must sink in seemingly with your hat. The best option would be to follow the “less is more” strategy. A white tee with a pair of blue denim will never go wrong with any cowboy hat. You can add a faded denim jacket to the look to give it a personal touch. Talking of jeans, you must avoid some of the following types –

  • Low riders
  • Flares
  • Floods
  • Stone Wash
  • Cuffs

Know where to draw the line

While trying to imitate the cowboy look, you may include other western accessories, which can make you appear like a walking-talking character straight out of a western movie set. If you are a first-timer in trying out this hat style, it would be best for you to use only one western piece at a time so that you can draw people’s attention to it instantly. You must refrain from including statement belts and buckles, studs, chaps, fringed jackets, and many other items. 

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Keeping these things in mind will help you wear a western hat with confidence. But remember to wear the right attitude too.

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