The Issues Resulting From Commercial Roof Leaks

No wonder, you don’t want to see water leaking through your commercial roof. Even when you install a high-quality roofing system, general wear and tear or rough weather can damage a roof resulting in leaks and other kinds of water damage. 

While roof leaks are common, it is wise to maintain the leak and prevent further damage to the roof and your commercial property. Ignoring the situation might worsen the issues caused by the leak and cost you more money in terms of repairing or replacing the roof. 

Let’s look at the common issues resulting from commercial roof leaks.

  • Health problems

Whenever water passes through the commercial roofing system and is left to sit idle, it creates mildew and mold. Apart from structural damages, they may give rise to severe health issues. 

As such, people within your building may experience allergic reactions and breathing problems. Regular maintenance from professional roofing contractors keeps your roof well while keeping your staff and other visitors in good health. 

  • Rotten wood

When wood receives much mold and water, they become spongy. And, this is the beginning of wood rot. After some time, it will compromise the wood. As a result, the structural integrity of the commercial roofing system becomes weak, leaving it to collapse. Besides, if the degradation becomes worse, you have to remove the complete roof. 

  • Damaged insulation

Lastly, a leak in your commercial roof can cause your insulation to become weak. Most commercial buildings come with fiberglass insulation. The best part about this insulating material is that it creates a special type of heat barrier. 

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When it gets exposed to water, fiberglass insulation becomes heavy and begins to crumble. Not only it reduces the insulating properties, but it also adds a significant amount of weight to the commercial ceiling. That way, it creates a dangerous situation. 

  • Slip hazards

Whenever water leaks through the roof, it falls on the floor of the building. So, when water leaks into the facility, it creates puddles and that’s when the hazard comes to the scene. With undetected water on the floor, anyone can slip and fall. As a result, it will cause serious injuries and loss of many man-hours for the workers. 

  • Fire hazards

When electricity and water mix, they can cause devastating results. Fire hazard becomes imperative when water enters an electrical system. So, when the roofing system gets exposed to water, it engages with the wiring. After that, the wiring starts to ignite and brings fire on board.

  • Premature roof aging

Although a quality roofing system lasts for up to 30 years, it requires a proper inspection and maintenance plan. Also, it helps to prevent premature roof aging. If you suspect water leaks even on a new commercial roof, consult expert roofing contractors in Oklahoma City.

Commercial roof leak services

If you are certain that your commercial roof has a leak contact the best roofing contractors in Oklahoma City. Don’t allow prompt repairs or lack of maintenance to compromise your commercial roof. 

Contact roofing Lawton Oklahoma today and have your commercial roof repaired or replaced. That way, you can protect your investment while ensuring a reliable water barrier for many years to come. 

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