Should you combine HIIT And Strength Training?

We all are living in a fitness-conscious world, aren’t we? And, in the present era, we get to meet many people who are so focused on different kinds of training and going to the gym. If you wish to gain muscle, improve your fitness, and boost your endurance, integrating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training can prove to be a great technique.


Training HIIT and strength training simultaneously, whether on the same day or during the same training session, can be advantageous. But, at the same time, you need to keep in mind that it can potentially impair performance if improperly planned. And, this is the main reason why the question of whether it’s a good idea to combine HIIT and strength training on the same day arises.


We can say that you can perform HIIT and strength training on the same day. But, remember that the majority of people who do this undertake two distinct workouts on the same day to allow for rest in between. And, if you decide to train one of them concurrently with the other, keep in mind that it might not be at the same level of intensity.


HIIT And Strength Training: A Look At Both


The people who go to the gym have a wide variety of exercises to choose from, but there are two that are both well-liked and efficient. Yes, we are talking about HIIT and Strength Training! Both of these contribute to bettering general health, gaining power, lowering body fat, and losing or maintaining weight. So, let us have a quick look at both exercises to have a general understanding.

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  • HIIT


HIIT exercises alternate between brief bursts of intensive exercise and recuperation or low-intensity intervals. The goal is to significantly increase heart rate, take a brief moment to relax, and then repeat. On the track, for instance, you might sprint for 150 meters, jog for 150, and then repeat 8 to 10 times.


  • Strength Training


This is one such type of exercise that emphasizes increasing muscular size along with strength. When you decide to do strength training, you can employ dumbbells, resistance bands, bodybuilding, weightlifting etc. But according to a survey, strength training in NYC, when not done correctly under proper guidance can is one of the reasons of injuries while working out.


Benefits Of HIIT


Do you know that HIIT is a kind of Cardio-focused exercise? Yes, you heard it right! It is quite advantageous for your cardiovascular health as well as your heart. Not just this, HIIT provides a lot of advantages over conventional cardio exercises carried out at a constant energy level and heart rate and some of its benefits are:


  • It raises aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.
  • It enhances glucose endurance and reduces insulin resistance.
  • It releases calories.
  • It causes a noticeable fat loss.


Benefits Of Strength Training


When we talk about strength training, it is yet again a famous exercise for fitness freaks. There are advantages to strength training as well, many of which overlap with HIIT. So, let us tell you about some of the benefits that strength training provides you with.


  • Strength training enhances bone health and joint flexibility
  • It enhances muscle mass
  • It slows down the natural ageing process of muscle loss.
  • It also helps prevent injuries.
  • Research demonstrates that strength training, when compared to stable cardio, is an effective strategy to lose weight.
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HIIT And Strength Training: Can You Do Both?


Always keep in mind that you can incorporate HIIT and strength training into your programme in two different ways. Yes, that’s right! You can either finish them individually or do both all at once. If you have enough spare time for a workout to maximize the effects of each workout separately, you might wish to split these two exercises. But, many people end up wondering whether they can do both of them on the same day.


Well, we can say that yes you can do both on the same day, however, there are certain restrictions. Since HIIT workouts are hard on the body, it’s best to perform them on different days for the majority of people. But, if you have extensive training, you probably have what it takes to handle it.


Always remember to keep the HIIT workout exclusively cardio-based while performing both on the same day to avoid overworking your muscles. And, if you are looking for a full cardio HIIT session, you can consider using a spin bike. Just keep in mind that it’s not crucial to perform the two workouts independently in the right order. But, it can be more beneficial if you create a constant routine.


Doing HIIT And Strength Training Together: What Are The Benefits?


As we are talking about combining both HIIT and strength training, you should know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But, for those who can do it efficiently, it can offer numerous benefits:

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  • Faster And Better Results


As you are doing both at a higher intensity throughout the workout session, performing HIIT and weight training on the same day can frequently result in faster and better results.


  • Improves Various Aspects Of Fitness


As recommended by certified fitness trainers NYC, you should not try to combine all fitness aspects. However, integrating HIIT and strength exercise effectively can result in significant improvements in endurance, optical power, and strength.


  • Can Help You Enjoy The Workout Session More


We all know the famous saying “no pain no gain” and that fits well for fitness enthusiasts, right? Well, if you are a fitness freak, doing both HIIT and strength training will enable you to enjoy your workout session even more.


The Bottom Line


All in all, we can say that people who can handle high-intensity training can do both HIIT and strength training on the same day. But, for normal people and beginners, it’s advisable not to combine them and take it easy on yourself. We are saying this because combining them can lead to fatigue, too much stress, and increased heart rate.


Also, it’s a great idea to consult and take the help of an experienced fitness expert or guide for strength training in NYC. If you are looking for a good fitness instructor, you can get in touch with one of the best fitness trainers in NYC.

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