PageSpeed Insights – Core Web Vitals Check

There are many advantages of using a web speed testing service like PageSpeed Insights to analyze the performance of your website. The new version offers a number of improvements. The navigation menu has been redesigned to include links to desktop and mobile versions, as well as a note of the platform on which the score is calculated. In addition, the Origin Summary is now available in a separate tab, providing an aggregate CrUX score for all pages on your site. Field data has been improved to provide greater visibility of 130 metrics.

Google PageSpeed Insights

The core web vitals check measures the response time of your website’s content after it loads. This could be an image or page’s text. It also measures how long it takes for a user to take an action, such as clicking a button, scrolling down a page, or typing in a text box. Lower LCP scores indicate a faster loading time. However, these results are not definitive and will differ depending on the device that the user is using.

Google Search Console

The core web vitals check outlines page performance based on real world usage data and field data. You can view the metrics for all your URLs, by status, metric type, and group. The report is not exhaustive, but it shows how your pages and site are performing across all types of devices. Regardless of which of these metrics is the most important for you to focus on, you can find out how each metric can affect your site’s performance.

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Chrome DevTools

The performance tab in Chrome’s pagespeed tools allows you to measure Core Web Vitals metrics. PageSpeed Insights shows you data for a particular URL, and any metrics that aren’t available will be greyed out. Fortunately, you can use the debugging tool to fix these issues, too. Here are some examples of how to use this tool. A quick overview:


DebugBear’s Core Web Vitals check can help you understand the performance of your website. The check uses metrics from Chrome’s User Experience Report to identify key website performance issues. Core Web Vitals data is collected from real users, so the data may not be available for newly-launched websites with low traffic. The screenshot below shows that some pages need improvement, and one of the key metrics is Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), which describes the layout of your page’s content.

Other tools

Core web vitals check is a set of metrics that indicate how well your website is performing. It measures various metrics and is useful for making your website more effective. If your website fails to meet these goals, you can use other tools to make your site more effective. The following are some of them. Use these to improve your site’s performance:


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