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How we can recite the Quran in three stages

Reciting the Online Quran Teaching is indeed a great honor for Muslims. Almost every Muslim wants to recite the Qur’an. However, not everyone is able to do so. This is because reciting the Qur’an requires a certain level of dedication and effort that not everyone is capable of. That is why we have put together some tips for studying the Qur’an after consulting experts. If you follow these tips, memorizing the Quran will become a fairly doable task for you, and one day you will achieve your dream of memorizing the Quran. These tips are divided into three steps. Some of the tips must be done before reciting the Qur’an. Some are during Quran study, and finally, tips for editing the memorized Online Quran Teaching. In this article, we share the tips before recitation.

Tips before recitation

Here are some tips before re-invitation.

Dedication and sincerity

The first and most important thing is to recite the Quran sincerely.

Ask Allah for help

Since reciting the Online Quran Teaching is a time-consuming task that requires tireless effort, it is natural for individuals to lose motivation and understanding during the process. If you face this problem, turn to Allah Almighty and ask Him for help and tawfeeq. Without His help and tawfeeq, nothing can be done.

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 List of people who can help:

Make a list of your family, colleagues and friends of people you think can help with your project. These people can encourage you when you lose motivation, or they can start reciting the Qur’an with you and become part of your project.

Do not take unnecessary action

Since reciting the Online Quran Teaching requires more time and attention, you should cancel all unnecessary meetings and activities. Try to set aside as much time as possible and pay more attention to the recitation of the Qur’an. Quran recitation should be your first priority.

Avoid sin


Quran recitation cannot be done without the barakah of Allah Almighty, and in order to have a journey full of barakah, you must stay away from sins. If you happen to make a mistake, remember to repent for it.

We should use the Tajweed to recite the Quran

Therefore, find a Tajweed teacher who is well versed in Tajweed and who can teach you the rules of pronunciation and recitation of the Quran. Your teacher can be your parent, sibling, friend or a qualified Tajweed teacher from our Children’s Online Quran Teaching.

Use Mushed

In order to leave a trace of your recitation, you should use Mushed. It is best to choose a standard size mushed for your Quran. The mushed should not be so large that it is difficult to hold in your hand, nor so small that it may be difficult to recite the mushed and write notes in the margin.

Determine how you pronounce

There may be different techniques for memorizing the Online Quran Tutor. This can be done, for example, by copying the Quran into a notebook, reciting the Quran aloud as you recite it, writing down the beginning of each verse of the Quran, listening to the words of the Qar, reciting after him, and walking during recitation. These are some of the ways to recite the Qur’an. You should find out which method suits you best and adopt that way of reciting the Qur’an.

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Plan flexibly. By planning flexibility


I mean that if one of the plans does not seem to work, there should be an alternative plan. If you find that plan A is not working, move from plan A to plan B. Write down your action plan and stick to it. For example, if you have a plan to recite two pages of the Online Quran Tutor every day and you decide to recite these two pages after the Christmas celebrations and you find that you cannot recite both pages at once. In this case, you can switch to plan B, which could be reading one page after Hajj and the other page before bedtime.

These are useful tips before reciting the Quran. If you follow these tips, as well as the tips for recitation and recall, you will be able to memorize the Quran.


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