how to keep office desk cleaned

Eliminate Extra Office Clutter

A Filipino businessman once offered me some invaluable guidance and direction. He advised, “When you leave work for the day, make sure to clean off your desk.” You’re going to be appreciative in the morning.” Since then, before I go to sleep, I make it a point to do that. Keeping a tidy workspace has helped me in many ways, and here are a few examples:

Distractions are all over the place on a desk that’s too crowded to get any work done. Day and night, we are bombarded with demands for our attention from various sources, including post-it notes, business cards, file folders, and incomplete tasks. If you clear your desk of distractions, you can give your full attention to the job.

More Independence

The flexibility to work on whatever interests you most can be found at a minimalist workstation. The files on your desk don’t have to dictate your to-do list. What happens next is up to you, even if someone else is providing guidance.

An Unprecedented Window of Possibility

With each new day comes fresh chances and the possibility of achieving remarkable results. When you enter a workplace where yesterday’s work is still displayed, you are instantly tethered to the past, limiting today’s possibilities.

But a tidy workspace is a breeding ground for inspiration, productivity, and new ideas. Even though the first order of business on a new day will be to finish what you started on the old one, beginning over or reopening the file introduces fresh perspectives and potential solutions.

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Better Name Recognition

Indicative of a clear and focused state of mind is a spotless workstation. In other words, it gives off the impression that you are productive, successful, meticulous, and well-organized.

Even if a tidy desk can’t make up for a job well done, it can’t hurt your standing in the office.

The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Desk

Some people may find it easier to maintain a minimalist desk than others. However, I am living proof that a neat workspace says something about you as a person. I’ve found the following six guidelines to be especially useful throughout the adjustment period:

Eliminate Extra Office Clutter

The first step in maintaining a minimalist desk is to reduce the number of objects on and around it. Fairly elementary, it would seem… almost too obvious to be noticed very often. Examine the things on your workstation.

What exactly doesn’t have to be present? You might consider including pictures, calendars, books, tools, and snacks. Get rid of it for good if it isn’t necessary.

Make Use of Cupboard Drawers

Using storage compartments is not considered cheating but rather a clever strategy. It hides the clutter of your workspace while keeping your tasks, tools, and materials close at hand. I keep all of my working materials (pens, stapler, etc.) in my drawers. I keep my current work in neatly labeled folders in the top drawer. And only the thing I’m actively working on is allowed on my desk.

Obtain Successful Results from Your Work

Uncompleted tasks are a leading cause of desk chaos. For weeks, they’d just sit at our desks, teasing us and serving as a constant source of distraction.

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Having too much on your plate can be paralyzing mental clutter. If you can finish the task in less than twenty minutes, do it right immediately. If you know you won’t have time to work on the assignment right away, put it away in a drawer.

Put Things Online To Store

The majority (95-100%, probably) of your notes can be replaced by an important contacts and tasks app (I have always used Microsoft Outlook). Try to locate one and master its use. Sticky notes will no longer be a visual and mental distraction. You’ll also stop worrying about misplacing them. This approach has been constructive and relieving for me.

Cut Down On Your Computer’s Distractions

If you’re trying to clear off your desk, your computer can be considerable assistance, but it can also be a significant source of distraction. Help your cause by cleaning your computer desktop along with your actual desk. For starters, pick a non-distracting wallpaper image and delete all extraneous icons.

Allow Yourself 5 Minutes

Make it a habit to spend the last five minutes of each day tidying up your workspace. It will take less than 5 minutes to get into the habit. But save up that much at the outset. You will thank yourself in the morning, I promise.

You’ll be able to concentrate, relax, and get more done with a desk free of clutter and unnecessary items. That’s beneficial for your career and the firm overall.

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