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After the Twenty20 format was introduced in 2005, test cricket has become the most underappreciated version of the game. However, it reveals the true character, patience, and ability of the player, particularly in the case of bowlers. In order for a bowler to take wickets, he or she must maintain composure, bowl regularly at a good length, and incorporate some swing into their delivery. Batsmen do not simply hand over their wickets. 

The Indian cricket team has had a lot of success in test matches so far, particularly when MS Dhoni took over as captain in the year 2008. Many bowlers have come and gone during the course of the game’s longest format over the course of its history. Let’s have a look at the Indian bowlers who have taken the most wickets in test matches for their country.

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Anil Kumble

An ex-Indian leg-spinner named Anil Kumble holds the record for the most wickets taken by an Indian in a test match, with 619. Kumble made his debut in a test match against England in 1990, and he continued to play test cricket for a total of 19 more years before calling it quits in 2008. Kumble was a little quicker than the other spinners, and he would bowl wicket to wicket in an effort to catch the batter with the minimal spin he had. In the annals of test cricket, Anil holds the third-highest total number of wickets taken by a player. He even grabbed ten wickets against Pakistan in an innings in 1999 in Delhi. Additionally, he holds the record for the most amount of 10-fers (8) and 5-fers (35) registered for India in test matches.

Ravichandran Ashwin is the winner.

Ravichandran Ashwin, who plays for India as an off-spinner, is now in second place in terms of taking the most wickets (442 total) in tests played for India. In 2011, Ashwin played in his first test match, and up to this point, he has been very successful. Ashwin is famous for bowling in the same place while using a variety of different variations. In each and every test match, he takes an average of 5 wickets. In addition to this, his bowling average of 24.13 is the greatest among all of India’s bowlers who have participated in more than 60 matches for the national team. He has scored 2905 runs with the bat, including 5 centuries, and has been quite successful overall. It is speculated that if Ashwin continues to compete in another 50 matches, he will be able to surpass Kumble’s record of 619 wickets. As of right present, Ashwin is the Indian bowler with the second most five-fers in the longest version of the game.

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Kapil Dev

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev holds the third-highest amount of wickets taken for India (434), which was achieved in test matches. In 1978, he played in his first test match, which was against Pakistan. He played in his final test match in 1994. On this list, only Kapil is capable of playing many positions. Additionally, he is the first Indian first bowler to achieve the milestone of 400 test wickets taken. When considering Indian fast bowlers who have participated in more than 70 tests, Kapil has the best average (29.64) in the group. He has collected 5248 rupees with the bat in addition to the wickets he has taken. Kapil Dev is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished all-rounders in the history of cricket. His outswing bowling used to cause batters to move around on the crease like they were dancing. If you are interested in online cricket betting, please visit Exchmarket and get your betting id.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh, an off-spinner who played for India previously, has the fourth-highest number of wickets (417) for India in test matches. Singh was a member of India’s test cricket team for 18 years, from 1998 to 2015. Harbhajan Singh is the first off-spinner in Indian cricket history to take 400 wickets in test matches. It didn’t matter what the weather was like, he always took wickets. He has bowled with a respectable bowling average of 32.46 over the course of his career. In the course of his testing career, he has obtained 25 perfect scores and five perfect 10s.

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Zaheer Khan

Veteran Indian sailor who sails left-handed in the format of the test match, Zaheer Khan has collected 311 wickets, which places him fifth all-time for India. Zaheer first competed in a test match in the year 2000 against Bangladesh, and he played in his final match in the year 2014 against New Zealand. Khan was renowned for his accurate bowling, and he had the ability to swing the ball in either direction to cause problems for the batting team. He is the first left-arm fast bowler from India to have played more than 50 test matches and taken more than 300 wickets. His career stats include both of those achievements. During his tenure, he presided over the Indian fast bowling attack as its captain.

Ishant Sharma.

Currently active quick bowler Ishant Sharma takes the sixth spot on the list of Indian players with the maximum number of wickets (303) in test matches. Ishant played in his first test match in 2007, and up to this point, he has been quite successful in the game’s longest format, achieving a respectable average of 32.30 wickets while taking bowling wickets. He has completed 100 test matches, making him only the third fast bowler in India’s history to do so, and he is now the most experienced bowler on the Indian side. In the most difficult version of the game, he has, to this point, collected eleven five-wicket hauls.

Bishan Singh Bedi

Former left-arm spinner for the Indian team, the number of test wickets that Bishan Singh Bedi has taken for India places him seventh all-time. 14 years were spent in his career (1966-1979). Bedi was the best spinner with his left arm during the 1970s. He took wickets at a phenomenal average of 28.71 runs per wicket. As a left-arm spinner for India, Bedi has taken the most five-wicket hauls (14) than anyone else. In addition, Bishan Singh holds the record for the most wickets taken in first-class cricket by an Indian player with 1,560.

BS Chandrasekhar

The 242 test wickets that Bhagwat Chandrasekhar has taken for India place him eighth all-time in that category. With his exceptional leg-break bowling, he caused the batters a great deal of difficulty throughout his whole test bowling career, which spanned the years 1964-1979. Before Kumble, he was widely considered to be India’s top leg-spinner. His bowling average of 29.74 was above and beyond what was expected of him. In 2002, the Wisden Bowling performance of the Century title was granted to Chandrasekhar for his remarkable 6/38 versus England at Oval in 1971. This event took place in 1971.

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Ravindra Jadeja

On the list of Indian cricketers who have taken the most wickets in test matches, the current all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja is ranked ninth with 242 scalps to his name. Jadeja is now the second all-rounder on the list of Indians with the most amount of wickets in test matches. In 2012, he played his first match in the most grueling format of the game, which was played versus England. Up to this point, he has taken wickets with an outstanding average of 24.44, which is the highest it has ever been for an Indian bowler in the test format. He has scored 2370 runs with the bat, and his excellent fielding has mesmerized everyone. Together, these two aspects of his game have captivated everyone.

Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath, who played for India as a fast bowler in the past, has the 10th most number of Test wickets in the country’s history, with 236. Srinath made his debut in a test match against Australia in 1991, and he continued to play for more than a decade before hanging up his cleats in 2002. In the early 1990s, he was the driving force behind the Indian pace attack and held the position of leader. Inswing bowling was Srinath’s specialty, and he was renowned for his ability in the sport. He continued with an incredible average of 30.49 points each game. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this compilation of the Indian cricket players who have taken the most wickets in test matches. On our bookie website, which is called Exchmarket, you may also read other articles that we’ve written on best cricket betting sites and other sports blogs.

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