How to Design a Custom Coin for Your Business

Over the course of history, challenge coins have often been used to help celebrate those in the military. In more recent years, they’ve also been used to honor police officers, firefighters, and other first responders.

But did you know that you can also use these custom coins for your business? You can actually go as far as to create a custom coin for your company that you can hand out to your employees and possibly even your customers and clients.

We’ve put together a brief guide on how to design custom coins for your business. It should make designing a coin so simple to do.

Decide Which Kinds of Coins You Would Like to Create

There are lots of different kinds of coins that you can choose from when you’re going to be creating a custom coin for your business. These custom coins can be made out of almost any metal that you want.

You should, first and foremost, shop around for the kinds of coins you would like and then narrow down your options. Designing a coin for your business will be so much easier when you know which type of coin you’ll be using from the start.

Figure Out What You’re Going to Put On Your Custom Coins

Once you know which type of custom coin you’re going to create, you can begin to think about what you’ll put on it. Do you want to put your company’s name and logo, or would you prefer to come up with something unique that will be specific to your custom coins?

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Whatever the case, you should brainstorm a bunch of different ideas before landing on the one that you like the most. It would be worth trying to find an idea that you think will motivate your employees and/or satisfy your customers.

Think About How Big You Want Your Custom Coins to Be

There isn’t just one custom challenge coin size that you’ll have to stick with. You can have custom coins made to be any number of sizes.

Some coins will be easy for people to carry around in their wallets. Others will be a little larger than that and will be perfect for those who want to put coins out on display in their homes or offices. Your job will be to find the right custom coins.

Start Designing a Custom Coin for Your Business Now

Initially, designing a custom coin for your business might feel a little bit overwhelming. But as long as you remember the things we’ve talked about today, you should be able to plan out a custom coin with ease.

These custom coins will really come in handy when you’re trying to incentivize your employees or keep your customers happy. So you should put the right amount of time and effort into designing them.

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