CCIE Lab Exam

How to book the CCIE Lab Exam?

The Cisco Certified Internet Expert lab exam, also known as the CCIE LAB exam, is one of the two tests you must pass to obtain a CCIE certification. The alternative is to take the written test. Like other Cisco certification examinations, there are specific registration requirements for the written test. Passing the written test does not, however, ensure certification. Part two of the certification exam, the CCIE lab test, is still required to be taken. The actions to book your CCIE Lab exam are detailed here.

Step 1: Pass the written CCIE test.

The written test is the first component of the CCIE exam. The second is the lab exam. Passing the writing exam is essential since scheduling your CCIE LAB exam depends on it. Before taking the lab exam, how can you pass the CCIE written exam? One strategy to succeed on the CCIE written exam is to enrol in the SPOTO online certification training courses. All of the practise test questions and answers are precise, current, and entirely real test questions. The success percentage for clients seeking certification at our company has always been 100%. Moreover, navigate to this site for more related information.

Step 2: Verify Test Center Locations

Once you have taken and passed the written exam, you can finish your application for the CCIE LAB exam. To select the testing site that best suits your needs, first check the CCIE LAB exam location. If you live in the US, you can plan your exam in San Jose, California, or Research Triangle Park (RTP), USA. Exams can be scheduled in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangalore, India, and Beijing, People’s Republic of China for Asian test-takers. For the following regions, there is only one testing facility: Sydney, Australia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; or Brussels, Belgium.

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Step 3: Sign in to Your Cisco Account and Complete

The following documents are required:

  • Account Cisco
  • Number of identifications
  • The day you achieved test success in writing
  • A grade of passing on the written test

Step 4: Pick an exam date

After logging in and entering all the relevant information, you can select a date for your exam. If you have prepared well for the lab test, you may choose the earliest date. However, if you require extra time, decide when you feel you have finished your test preparation.

Step 5: Submit payment information

Once a date has been decided upon, only wire transfers or credit cards are accepted for fee payment. There will only be other types of payment accepted.

If you still need more time to study for the CCIE lab exam, think about signing up for the SPOTO online course. Our course includes frequent updates, practise exams, 100% accurate exam coverage, the most recent lab exam feedback, round-the-clock technical support, an instructional video guide, and a pass guarantee.

For the final lab exam, you will receive some CCIE lab topology sets to examine and familiarise yourself with. Additionally, SPOTO offers a lab rack rental service. You can rent a lab rack from SPOTO, while some IT experts prefer to create or purchase one.

You may now easily obtain materials from SPOTO if you really require passing the CCIE LAB exam and search for the most trustworthy and simple to comprehend sources. Well, look at this for more information.

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