How reciting Quran Daily will be Rewarded?

We Muslims have a very strong connection with Quran. The foundational base of such connection is our relationship with this holy book. It is indeed a gift revealed for us to seek knowledge, reflect and ponder upon it. Quran with tajweed reciting explain verses that are so unique and applicable to different situations in our daily life. Quran the most sacred book of Allah solaces our heart and tell us the way of spending our lives. Therefore, we must recite it daily and reap the reward of success in life and hereafter.

Besides providing timeless guidance and solution to many problems, this divine book is a key to becoming a true believer. Though it is recommended to strive for understanding Quran. But we cannot interpret Quran translation on our own. We certainly need guidance for learning about the Quran and understanding the actual meaning of verses.

If you are one of those seeking guidance, Online Quran live is a credible online Academy that can help you to read and understand the messages of Allah revealed in this holy book.

Top 5 Rewards of Reciting Quran Daily

Muslims can reap endless rewards by Quran reading in daily. Like it purifies our mind and helps us to be good people and true believers. it allows Muslims to analyses everyday situations in the light of divine guidance. Plus, it will become an advocate on the day of judgment for those who recite it daily and the list goes on and on. Here I am sharing the top 5 benefits that you can enjoy by reciting this final scripture revealed to humanity.

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It Raises Your Status in Life

As per the hadith If you are one of those learning or teaching Quran, then surely you are the best among Muslims. It means Allah will prefer you over others if you get yourself engaged in the noble cause of learning and teaching of this holy book. Knowing about the matters of life, implementing life-changing instructions from the gracious Lord can help you be the best and most respectful among people. if you don’t have the Quranic knowledge and you want to understand the language of God.

Helps To Fulfil Our Islamic Duty

Reciting Quran daily helps us to fulfil our Islamic duties. First of all, it is an obligatory prayer. Secondly, if you are reciting it regularly then you are following sunnah. In addition to this, it is also commanded to reflect on the instructions to appreciate the significance of the divine book leading towards righteousness. It is also recommended to seek proper knowledge of the Quran. Therefore, it is our religious duty to recite with understanding.

Helps To Be a Best of Ourselves

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, and restlessness. Then, connect with Quran and follow the practice of reciting Quran daily. It is not an ordinary book, it is a divine book that purifies mind, heart, and soul. It gives incomparable calmness to people suffering from depression. By following the way of life explained in Quran and by understanding the virtues of the true believer, you can be the best version of yourself. More specifically, it is the supreme guidance and mentor for Muslims. Which helps to follow divine laws in all worldly matters and know the essence of life.

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Solution To All Problems

Quran in communicative style is the voice of God guiding us towards righteousness and morality. It helps to avoid calamities in life. Indeed, it is helping to understand the secrets of the universe, know the purpose of creation, and laws managing the universe. It also helps us to heal our body and soul, know the identity of man, the final destination and path to achieve happiness and tranquillity, and much more. If you want to keep steadfast in facing trials in life. Then recite Quran with reflection in meaning as well as application. And for this the very basic step is to start learning Arabic language online.

It Will Be a Proof on The Day of Judgement

Imagine the day of judgment when your good deeds will be your companion. You will find Quran as a witness on that day if you are reciting it daily. Because Prophet Mohammad stated that this sacred book of Allah will either stand with you or against you. It will be an intercessor for its reciters on the day of resurrection is the most significant benefit of all. Though reciting Quran daily reward Muslims tremendously in life. But it’s even more exciting to know that it will also help us to go in Jannah by becoming an advocate.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join online Quran live and start appreciating the gift of the Quran. Because learning this holy book is a lifelong journey and we need to keep on improving ourselves as Muslims.

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