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6 support processes that need to change for work from home

The workforce needs equipment, devices materials, supplies, access technology platforms, and technical assistance support to accomplish their tasks. Most likely, your organization has procedures that provide products as well as services for employees working in the office building or in your building.

However, the majority of them are likely to be working at home because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The way you work has to be modified to accommodate the requirements of working from home.

Here are 6 important things to consider and the tools you’ll require to accomplish this. If you’ve employed employees who worked at home for a few weeks You’ve probably dealt with several of these problems. It’s an important list to verify.

1- Remote desktop support software.

Within your office, when there’s a software issue, it’s usually straightforward to reach out to your coworker or perhaps an employee who works in IT for a “have a look at it.”

AnyDesk web software is one of the simplest remote access options available. Don’t you believe us? Test it yourself! Here’s a short guide how to download Anydesk Sofware.

The best solution to achieve this in the event that employees, interns or contractors are located far apart is to utilize remote support software like connect wise TeamViewer and AnyDesk. They allow a support technician who is located in a different place (or even in a different country) to control the computer of the user in order to identify and fix issues.

How to Download Any Desk

In the beginning, AnyDesk download is free for personal use. If you have a family member who needs assistance in getting a computer set up and needs help, you can assist them from your home and not pay. Additionally, you don’t need to register for anything or sign up for anything, and it occupies virtually no space on your device. Download the 4MB file then you’re good to go!

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Anyone you wish to reach should download the AnyDesk application. Simply tell them how simple it is to use and it’s up in a flash. That’s all! You are now ready to begin the initial session.

2- Training and security tools.

A VPN can’t be enough however. In order to keep the laptops of your employees and corporate data safe your remote workers will require software that can protect them from keystroke loggers and other types of malware. Remote workers may require additional security education because security breaches are typically due to human errors that are innocent.

3- Access to remote data securely.

To safeguard your network from hackers, employees, interns and/or contractors work remotely, you’ll have to install Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and access. VPNs VPN protects the flow of data both ways and keeps your company’s data and communications with staff safe from the prying eyes of internet users.

A VPN connection may be slower than an unsecure connection however. Keep this in mind when you are addressing Internet speed requirements.

4- Internet access with high-speed Internet accessibility.

While the majority of your employees have this capability, bear in your mind that the residential Internet providers generally focus on providing fast speed download speed (e.g., that means users can stream Netflix without buffering).

The majority of consumers don’t require fast upload speeds for everyday tasks such as sending emails or online shopping. If you have students at the house taking online classes this puts more pressure the upload speed.

5- Access to remote access your portal for service.

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Most often, employees use the portal to access for technical support, equipment, and many other services, from within your workplace within your corporate network, or perhaps through your intranet for employees.

As the volume of requests is expected to increase as employees work remotely, it is possible to provide outside-the-firewall access to Your service portal.

6- Calendar / scheduling software.

There are tools available to schedule meetings and other events. But scheduling becomes both more crucial and complicated when employees aren’t physically in close proximity.

The work from home lifestyle can be challenging for those who have young children or care the elderly parents. They might need to set aside their time during the day to engage in “non-work” activity.

Do you have to alter the way you plan time for system downtime to upgrade? It’s essential to make sure that your technology supports your workflows. When your workflows as well as your environments change, you’ll need to review the technology infrastructure you have in place.


Many businesses have some form of catalogue or portal for service which allows employees to make requests for common products and services within the workplace. However, the shift to remote work as a result of COVID-19 has put new pressures upon these platforms.

The first is that the type of requests are changing. For example, workers require more assistance in remote conferencing than they ever have.

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