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How Practicing Yoga For Anxiety Helps You?

Do you feel anxious before doing any task? Well, if so, you might be missing on to plenty of things in your life. Feeling anxious steals a huge chunk of life out of your hand. All that is left behind is worrying and fear. However, not any more. Yoga for anxiety is just the tool you need.

You might be wondering how yoga for anxiety is going to be of any use for you. Well, there are plenty of yogic practices and techniques that are going to make your life easier. You will become true to yourself that is going to help you live a cheerful life.

What Yoga For Anxiety Teaches You

The art of yoga comes from Yoga Sutras, a work by Patanjali. Yoga Sutras extensively define yoga as a way of lifestyle that aligns your mind and body. Over time, it ensures your soul is pure and light. Further, practicing yoga brings various chemicals released in your body to the minimum level. That includes anxiety, stress, overthinking, fear, worrying, etc.

True Self & Anxiety

The best thing about yoga for anxiety that you learn in Yoga Sutras is the concept of the true self. When you feel anxious, your true self is hidden. Anxiety leads to fear or thinking too much. Thus you no longer stay in touch with your true self.

Therefore, you end up all worried that does not allow you to explore your full potential. In short, your mind does not wander the valley of creativity. Hence, you remain stuck in mental chaos. So, to get closer to your true self, you should include yoga for anxiety in your routine.

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Make sure you practice meditation regularly so that you learn to master your mind. In case you want to learn from masters, make sure you head on to a meditation retreat in India. That way you are going to have the time of your life.

Yama & Anxiety: A Perfect Way to Live Life

Furthermore, Yoga Sutras talk about Yama that helps in living stress and anxiety-free life. Let’s have a look at them to understand how they might be useful. Read on.


It signifies non-violence that ensures you do not forget the feeling of being kind to others. Ahimsa also means being kind to self. Anxiety leads to thoughts of getting hurt. That is when you should practice Ahimsa.

Moreover, practicing Ahimsa simply applies the principle of Karma in your life. That means whatever you do to others is going to come your way sooner or later. Thus, you always do good deeds whatever others think.


The act of stealing falls under the Asteya Yama. It is not about stealing from others but the self also. On average, there are thousands of thoughts that pass through your mind. Feeling anxious further boost them. Hence, you end either curtaining important things or stealing time for trivial stuff.

Practicing Asteya ensures you remain true to yourself. Not just that, it helps you pull out from thinking things that might never happen. What you should do is simply practice yoga for anxiety to get away from the rabbit hole.


Fear of the unknown leads to a tsunami of unwanted thoughts. That can be easily warded off by remaining true to yourself. When you start feeling anxious, all you have to do is to be mindful of the situation at hand.

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This is going to push your mind away from your thoughts. Hence, confronting the present situation helps you push past the fear of the unknown and stay happy.


Originally, Brahmacharya talks about celibacy or sexual abstinence. Having relations out of desire is going to put a lot of pressure on your mind. Moreover, it makes you anxious. Therefore, the practice of Brahmacharya is going to play a huge role in snapping out of feeling anxiety.

Further, practicing yoga for anxiety is going to act as a stimulus for further growth.


Non-greed is one of the most important elements of Yamas. When you think of accumulating things, you feel anxious, stressed, and frustrated. However, working for what is rightfully yours gives you a sense of relief.

In a Nutshell

Practicing yoga for anxiety along with Yamas is going to make your life so much easier. Just make sure you learn yoga before diving into practicing it. For that matter, 500 hour yoga teacher training in India would be perfect for you. Just be consistent and go with the flow to have a life you always desired.

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