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How Is Facebook Using An In-House Version of PHP To Get Ahead?

This guest post summarises Facebook’s programmability and corporate partnership. Social media platforms constantly change their platform architecture, interfaces, governance, frameworks, etc. Here we trace the evolution of Facebook from social networking site to a “platform-as-infrastructure”. In this context, we discuss that the growth of Facebook depends much on its ability to the evolution of platforms. We also talk about how Facebook is using its own version of PHP called HHVM.

When Facebook was created, PHP was used. With its development, Facebook still used PHP because people working there had known PHP pretty well. Though Facebook was one of the most visited sites, it was still using PHP. Probably, changing to another language was a waste of time as Facebook has done a lot of work in PHP like created many libraries, and converting the entire site just because PHP is not seen as the best language now was not a good choice. Moreover, people working at Facebook were well versed in PHP, which prohibited Facebook from going for another language. PHP is used widely and students who learn PHP can get PHP Homework Help from BookMyEssay.

The technology stack of Facebook uses many languages including PHP. But it uses its own compiler to convert it into a native code. PHP is not used in the core system. They use C++ at the back end. Facebook, as mentioned in the above paragraph, has many things developed in PHP. Facebook use their own version of PHP called HHVM HipHop Virtual Machine. It has allowed Facebook to undergo improvements in the language.

Hip-Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM)

The HHVM was developed as a successor to HPHPc (HipHop for PHP), a PHP execution engine. PHP is a PHP-to-C++ transpiler also created by Facebook. To solve the issues related HPHPc, Facebook decided to build PHP virtual machine based on the just-in-time concept. HHVM has many benefits like it gives complete support to the PHP language.

HHVM supports much simpler deployment and development processes. It eliminates lengthy builds required by HPHPc to run PHP programs. Thus, it is clear that if you learn basic PHP you still have a chance to work at Facebook, for which you should be thorough and have good grades in PHP. Students can avail help in reports, assignments, and essays through PHP homework help from BookMyEssay and shine with good grades.

Hack – A Programming Language For HHVM

The hack was created by Facebook as a dialect of PHP. It is a programming language for HHVM. Programmers can do both types of typing that are static and dynamic typing in Hack. It was introduced in March 2014. Facebook has already implemented the code and tested it for a large chunk of the website before the language was announced.

Hack language looks like PHP, however, there are many of its features like static typing, generics, native collections that are available with Hack as compared to PHP. Hack runs on HHVM only as compared to PHP. Students learn PHP as it is an open-source scripting language used for web development. During the classes of PHP, students can get PHP homework help from professional academic writers like BookMyEssay.

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Facebook writes most of its internal code in PHP, which is then converted to a C derivative before being sent for production. Facebook still depends strongly on PHP language but PHP is not able to perform well to match up to the scale of Facebook. To cure type-related errors in PHP, Facebook added strict typing and runtime enforcement of return types of Hack. The provision of strict typing eradicates the need for type-related testing. Students when learning about the concept of PHP, due to lack of knowledge, require help to complete assignments, they look for Free Plagiarism Free Report from professional companies like BookMyEssay.

HHVM Engine Vs Zend Engine

The performance of Facebook’s HHVM engine is better than the Zend engine of PHP. HHVM engine has more developers internally at Facebook, rather than Zend engine. But this does not mean that the PHP Zend engine will disappear, the PHP engine is here to stay. Its a motivation for students to learn PHP, as it still exists for web development. To get into a good firm and practice PHP development, they should get good grades in the learning phase. They can get notes, reports, assignments in the form of PHP homework help from BookMyEssay.

The Final Word

Comparing HHVM to PHP, we will find that HHVM gives faster performance and uses less memory to process each request when it faces a large number of requests. The developers of HHVM are quickly increasing and it can run many latest frameworks and applications of PHP. Furthermore, HHVM is open source and its source code is available to anyone who wants to use it. Still, the importance of PHP has not been reduced. Better versions like PHP 7 have come up. PHP is still studied by students full-fledged to gain web development learning.

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