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How to Heal Tech Neck: Best Yoga Postures & Stretches

Are you spending hours surfing the internet? Does your job demand hunch over the desk for hours? If yes, you might suffer from tech neck. It is a term usually given to the position of your neck when you hunch over a phone, computer, or tablet. This posture leads to muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain.

It would be wise to know more about tech neck first rather than moving on to its remedies. Having basic information will help in preparing a perfect routine of yoga for stress to heal it. Keep reading.

What is Teck Neck?

The neck position due to rounded shoulders because of hunching over leads to tech neck. Moreover, the excessive leaning of your neck forwards while talking to someone can lead to tech neck. Also, excessive interaction with electronic gadgets that put pressure on your neck causes tech neck.

The head weighs more that puts stress on smaller neck muscles, ligaments, or tendons. Have a look at some of the most common symptoms of tech neck.

  • Stiff neck muscles
  • Neck pain
  • Neck spasms
  • Pain in upper shoulder blades
  • Headache

It happens automatically to people who have a desk job or require too much hunching over for a longer time. So, you should prevent tech neck from happening. For that, check out the following options to heal tech neck.

Best Ways to Avoid Tech Neck

The best way to avoid tech neck is to be conscious of your body posture. It is not as easy as said. Rather, being conscious requires a lot of focus. Therefore, what you can do is change your sitting posture.

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Moreover, change the way you sit in a chair. For instance, if you sit in the front of the chair, place your hips closer to the back support. This will not only support your lower back but also stop you from rounding off your shoulders.

Also, you should get an adjustable desk. Whenever you have to focus on the screen, rather than bending over, you can simply bring the screen closer to your eyes. You should be aware that the timely movement of your neck is going to nourish your neck joints. Therefore, keep moving your neck to stay pain-free.

Best Exercises to Relieve Tech Neck

Check out some of the best exercises of yoga for stress relief from your neck. Make sure you read it till the very end.

Downward Facing Dog

Whenever you feel your neck is stiff, get on your all fours and start practicing Downward Facing Dog. The peak of your hips puts pressure on your neck, however, in a positive manner. Gravity helps in pulling your neck down whereas you work towards holding it in place.

Hence, it naturally de-compresses your neck muscles. Moreover, it further helps in aligning the spine with your neck muscles.

Cat-Cow Stretch

One of the best poses of yoga for stress relief that has minimal movement is the Cat-Cow stretch. It focuses not just on your spine but also on neck muscles. The upward and downward motion of your spine helps in loosening the stiff neck.

Further, your neck muscles become strong when you hold them against gravity. In short, these yoga posture relieves pain as well strengthen the weak muscles.

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Cobra Pose

The upward motion of the neck and upper back while practicing the Cobra pose makes your neck and shoulder blades strong. Therefore, you no longer feel pain or stiffness when you bend forward. Moreover, the Cobra pose improves your arm strength that ensures you can pick up your laptop or tablet with ease.

Neck Rotations

Another crucial neck movement that you can do is to rotate it in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. However, do not force your movements. Rather, you should move your neck super slow so that your joints move in the full range of motion.

Rotating in both directions ensure all your muscles and tendons are used.


Tech neck is one of the biggest issues prevailing in the modern world. Therefore, it is best to inculcate different yoga stretches into your busy schedule so that you remain healthy and fit. Be consistent with your practice and ensure that you stay conscious while practicing different yoga postures. Over time, your neck becomes strong and agile and you live a pain-free life.

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