How infertility counseling can be of help

Having children is an aspiration for several people. Naturally, you want your own family, a progeny to continue your lineage, and your support system. In many cultures, the reproduction holds a lot of value, and determines your social standing as well.

Therefore, infertility, is a challenging condition to deal with. While there are greater options available now, than before, but they are also not without their own pitfalls and trials. Hence, infertility is extremely draining, and daunting situation. It takes significant toll on your physical and mental health.

One way to cope with infertility, and the subsequent challenges is by getting infertility counseling.

Benefits of infertility counseling

Strategy and planning

An infertility counselor can also help couples make a strategy for a way forward. There are many ways couples can still have children, including IVF and adoption.

But there needs to be a careful assessment of the situation, expectations, and practical matters like finances. An infertility counselor can help couples with such matters.

Infertility-related mental health problems

Infertility itself might be a condition, but it is a harbinger of many mental health issues. It can cause depression due to the extreme mental toll that it takes.

Moreover, there is also a lot of anxiety surround the situation, especially in case the couple is getting fertility treatment. The situation is even more dire for couples who have had unsuccessful attempts at fertility treatments or have undergone failed rounds of IVF.

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Furthermore, the void of not being able to have children also causes deep pangs of anguish. In cultures where having children is vital, there is added trauma and stress.

Counselling for infertility can help people cope with not just the issue of infertility, but the subsequent mental health issues like depression as well. They can help process the pain better.

Relationship issues

Infertility can have a grave impact on the relationship as well. In cases where one partner has issues with reproductive health, there are added feelings of guilt and shame.

It can also lead to the fear of abandonment and pave way for exploitation as well. Since physical intimacy has a vital role to play in infertility, therefore, it also gets severely affected, which can then lead to further relationship issues.

Moreover, it also happens that the couple’s life becomes preoccupied with having children, and thus there is lesser focus on the relationship then. Naturally, it is not healthy.

Infertility counseling can help couples realize the impact of the condition on their relationship, and work on improving it.

Grief and healing

Grief is an important theme when dealing with infertility. Couples may have undergone unsuccessful rounds of IVF, or experienced miscarriage, so there is loss-related grief.

Moreover, there is also deep sadness about not being able to have children, continue the family line, have support and family of their own, and pain related to feelings of inadequacy.

Infertility grief counselling can help couples heal from this pain and trauma, or at least, process it in a healthier fashion.

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