How Do You Play Teen Patti Games Online?

3 Patti, also called Teen Patti, is a popular card game that comes from India. It is similar to poker, but it is also different. A 52-card deck without jokers is used to play Teen Patti online with three to six people. Before the cards are dealt, the boot is set and each player pays that amount (the pot).

Then, each player gets three face-down cards. When you play Teen Patti, the money in the pot grows as the game goes on. According to the rules of 3 Patti, the winner gets to keep the money in the pot. According to the rules of Teen Patti, the winner is the player who stays in the game until the hand is over and has the best poker hand according to the online 3 Patti chart.


Guide to Teen Patti Online

Each player puts money into the boot money and gets three cards with their faces down.

In an online Teen Patti game, the player next to the dealer is the one who starts, and the game moves clockwise from there.

A player can either bet without seeing the cards (called “blind”) or look at them. Once the player chooses to look at his or her cards, he or she can “chaal” or take other actions based on how the 3 Patti game is going.

When you play Teen Patti online, a player who makes a blind bet is called a poker blind player. The seen player is the person who makes a bet after seeing the cards.

3 Patti Online Hand Rankings

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If you choose to download Teen Patti, the order of the Teen Patti rules chart, from most important to least important, is:


  1. Set or Trail (three of the same rank)
  2. Pure sequence
  3. Sequence (or run)
  4. Color
  5. A pair, which is two cards with the same value, and 6. A high card.


The best online 3 Patti sequence is A-K-Q, and the second-best sequence is A-2-3.


Teen Patti Game Terms to Know 

If you want to download Teen Patti, Boot is often called the ante, the entry fee, or the pot. During a game of 3 Patti, this is the amount that each player puts in before the cards are dealt. In Teen Patti games, you have to make a bet to play the hand. The boot amount makes sure that every 3 Patti player who folds every round feels a small pinch. This makes the game easier to learn by forcing a small stake.


Blind Player: A 3 Patti player who chooses to play without seeing his or her card. You can play pack, blind, or show if the option is there. To play Blind, a player puts the amount of their bet into the pot. The Blind amount is either the same as the current bet or doubles the current bet. For the first player, the boot amount will be the amount being bet right now. So, if the first player in an online 3 Patti cash game wants to blind, the amount of the bet must be equal to or twice the amount of the boot.


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Stake Amount: The bet made by a player who is blind is the “stake” for the next player. If the bet is made by a seen player, the next online 3 Patti player only has to bet half as much. When it comes to the next blind player, the bet can be the same as the stake or double the stake.


When only one player is left in a 3 Patti online game, only a blind player can ask for a show. In a blind show, both players’ cards are shown at the same time, and the winner gets the pot.


Seen Player: A “seen player” is an online Teen Patti player who has seen his or her cards. Depending on the stage of the 3 Patti online card game, a seen player can Chaal, Pack, or do something else. Show and Side Show are two other options that a seen player may have in a game of Teen Patti. Once a player has seen their cards, they must exercise or play “chaal” to stay in the game, unless they can also do one of the following.

Chaal: If you choose Teen Patti download, a seen player must play Chaal or a Side Show, if one is available, to stay in a 3 Patti real cash game. In chaal, the player must put the amount of the bet into the pot. A seen player has to bet twice or four times the amount of the current stake. If the player before you is blind, the stake amount is the amount that the player bets. When you choose Teen Patti online, the amount you bet is half of what the last player bet. This is true if the last player was a seen player.

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According to the rules of Teen Patti, a seen player in a 3 Patti real cash game can ask for a Side Show. Sideshow means that the player wants to compare their cards to the cards of the player before them. This choice is only available in Teen Patti online if the last player was also seen and there are still other players in the hand.

To use a Side Show in Teen Patti, a player must put the same amount or twice the current stake into the pot. The previous player is told that someone wants a Side Show. During an online game of 3 Patti, the previous player can choose whether to accept or not.

When playing Teen Patti online, if the Side Show is accepted and the player before you has better cards, you must pack. But if you have better cards, the player before you must pack. After a player packs, the next player takes his or her turn. – If the Side Show is turned down in a game of 3 Patti, you don’t get to see each other’s cards. Both players stay in the game, and the turn goes to the next person.

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