How Different Is the Plunge Pool from The Hot Tubs?

Plunge Pools seem to be in great demand amongst Australian homes nowadays. As the houses here are being constructed in a smaller area, plunge pools become an ideal choice for relaxation time after a long tiring day. How different is this from the hot tubs?

The plunge pools are typically a smaller version of pools and shallow too. the main idea behind them is to use them for lounging rather than swimming. They are affordable to be built and low maintenance too. Now available in different designs and features, you can check with Gordon Ave Pools & Spas for the best prices of plunge pools. This business is built by Dean and Ang Holroyd along with their most knowledgeable team of experts.

So how are these plunge pools different from the hot tubs?

One of the major differences between the plunge pools and the hot tubs is the water temperature. Hot tubs will have hot water whereas the plunge tools will have cold and refreshing water.

One of the interesting facts is that many homes do have both built beside each other and the method of using both is called the cold plunge therapy. This was mainly used by people in China and Rome as it has helped them treat muscle pain, inflammation etc.

What are the advantages of using a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are one of the best options for smaller houses in Australia. They fit perfectly in the small backyards. They are larger than the spa and smaller than the swimming pool. The main advantage of using a plunge pool is that it creates the environment of a swimming pool. They also have features like jets, pumps, heating elements and water sanitization systems that makes a look like relaxing spas.

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They are the perfect choice for exercise, relaxation, rehabilitation etc. As they are smaller in size than the other swimming pools, the water inside them can be cooled or heated quickly. Apart from this, you can also decorate them with creative landscaping, tiles or decks in whatever way you have dreamed of.

Depth-wise, plunge pools can be built around 4 to 8 feet deep whereas the hot bathtubs are only 2 to 3 feet deep. You can also customize the plunge pools how deep you want them to be depending on where you built them.

Cost-wise plunge tools are more affordable and cheaper as they require less energy as compared to hot tubs. Hot tubs usually require less water as compared to any other pools but the energy required to keep the water hot will usually cost you more.

Plunge pools are made of different materials like concrete, vinyl, fibreglass, freestanding etc. The cost will depend on what type of material you choose.

What are the different options of plunge pool options?

You can prepare your pools as per your lifestyle and needs. Just like the hot tubs, these pools are made of jets that can help in massaging and ease your muscle aches, sores, etc. People like avid swimmers who do not have enough space for swimming can make use of resistance jets installed in this plunge pool. This will allow them to swim laps much like in the swimming pools.

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