Get The Perfect Tan Every Time With These 5 Tips

You are craving to enjoy your vacation in the sun, but you want to come back with a tan that makes your friends jealous. Then learn from the premium tanning salon in Austin to get a perfect tan naturally. A fact is that the same rules apply when you plan to have an airbrush spray tan instead.

1. Get Your Skin Ready for the Sun

The first step is to exfoliate your skin to improve your deep and long-lasting tan. Next, the body scrub removes the dead cells to help provide you with a uniform tan. You can do this a few days before exposing your skin to the sun as your skin will be sensitive.

Also, remember to hydrate your body with moisturizer after showering. Next, your diet also counts. For example, when you eat specific veg, it helps prepare your skin from the inside out. So, eat your beta-carotene and lycopene to protect your skin from UV rays.

Enjoy those tomatoes and carrots with your salads. Another great way to start your tan is with a fake one. If you are a bit worried, your body looks a bit pale. You can cheat by having an affordable airbrush tan done two to three days before heading out to the beach.

Still, you need to apply your sunscreen as these fake tans do not provide UV protection.

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2. Get The Best Glow

If you plan to tan in the sun, use natural oils for fast tanning. You can get a deeper tan while still protecting your skin. Coconut oil is an excellent example as it smells divine and gives your skin UV protection. All you need to do is apply it a half an hour before heading to the beach. Then use your sunscreen on top for added security.

Another primary rule for a long-lasting tan is to expose your body progressively as it also protects the skin. You do not want to end up with sunburn and start peeling. So, do short tanning sessions instead. Also, take breaks by looking for some shadow to allow your skin to cool down. Then, during your vacation, you can drink water and reapply your sunscreen.

3. Keep Your Daily Training Limit In Mind

When you reach a specific amount of hours in the sun, your body stops producing melanin. Hence, you can go into the sun on average for three hours but not longer. Also, keep that salted water on and not wash it off. Also, keep changing the position to get an even tan. For example, you can move your top strips to get an even tan.

4. Drinks A Lot of Water

Another crucial thing is to keep your body hydrated by drinking loads of water. It helps hydrate your skin during the day and at night when regenerating when you do this. Using natural oils, you will keep your body moisturized inside while hydrating the skin outside.

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5. Always Be Careful

We believe in airbrush spray tanning instead of a sunbed as a premium tanning salon. Visit Parlor Beauty Bar to learn more. Hence, we recommend avoiding one at all costs. A sunbed is dangerous, and it does not provide your body with vitamin D like the sun. Also, do not expose your body for hours to the sun from 12 pm to 4 pm. The UV rays are at their brightest and very dangerous.

How Do You Get a Golden Tan in One Day?

When you follow the above tips, your skin will gradually become darker, but you will not get a dark tan in one day. Instead, you need to build progressively on that tan to get it dark and deep during the summer. But there is another way: an airbrush spray tan  in a few hours and not even a day.

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