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Does Dermal Filler Treatment Last Long? Know Everything About This Treatment

Who doesn’t like wrinkle-free, smoother, and younger-looking skin but not every people are born with the same fate. Though some people possess natural beauty and don’t have to do anything to retain their wrinkle-free & smoother skin, others have to struggle continuously for it. Also, there are plenty of OTC skincare products available in the market but little do they show their effect on our skin. So, what can be the solution to it? Well! Try dermal filler treatment for your skin and see if it works for your skin or not. Surprised! what kind of treatment is it? Come! Let us know everything about it.

As your age keeps on increasing, the elasticity of your skin begins to lose. Also, the fats & muscles of your face become thin. As a result, wrinkles may be visible on your skin, and also the smoothness of your skin begins to vanish. Dermal fillers, also known as wrinkle fillers, can help to solve these issues of your skin. The Dermal filler treatment in London is assumed to be the best one among the other filler treatments in the globe.

Functions of Dermal Fillers:

  • Smoothens out the lines on your face
  • Restores the volume that has been lost from your skin
  • Plumps up your skin

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has revealed that dermal fillers comprise many substances that are of gel type. They include hyaluronic acid, poly-L-lactic acid & calcium hydroxyapatite. Your doctor will inject it into your body beneath the skin. Being a minimally invasive procedure, dermal filler injections expect a minimum downtime.

How Long Can You Expect The Results Of Dermal Filler Treatment To Last?

Like the outcomes of other skincare treatments, the result of this treatment also varies from individual to individual. Some kind of dermal filler may last for six to twelve months while the others may last for two to five years. The lasting time of the dermal filler of some of the famous dermal fillers brands are listed below:

  • Juvederm Voluma dermal filler lasts for nearly 24 months when it is a touch-up treatment and 12 months when done with advanced treatment
  • Juvederm Ultra & Ultra Plus dermal filler lasts for nearly 12 months ( touch-up if possible must be done at six to nine months)
  • Juvederm Volbella dermal filler lasts for nearly 12 months
  • Restylane Defyne, Lyft & Refyne dermal fillers last for nearly 12 months ( touch-up if possible must be done at six to nine months)
  • Radiesse dermal filler lasts for nearly twelve months
  • Sculptra dermal filler lasts for nearly more than twenty-four months
  • Bellafill dermal filler lasts for nearly five years
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What Affects The Dermal Filler’s Longevity?

The factors that affect the dermal filler’s longevity are:

  • At which area on your face the filler is being used
  • How much quantity of the dermal filler material has been injected into your body
  • Your body’s speed of metabolism for the filler material

How To Find The Right Dermal Filler?

This is a decision which you should make only after consulting with a doctor. Just research a bit on it and note down the questions that come to your mind. Asks those questions to your doctors. Also, you can check out the ratified roster of dermal fillers provided by the FDA.

Take the decision only after knowing if the filler is reversible or not. Furthermore, consider the injection’s location. Also, contemplate the kind of look you will get. Think about what kind of look you want – subtle or dramatic. Narrow down your preferences in these ways.

What Are The Side Effects Of Dermal Filler Treatment?

Here are the side effects of Dermal Filler Treatment:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • & Bruising

The side effects generally vanish within one or two weeks. If swelling or bruising is intense, you make take your child to the doctor’s chamber.

Also, some other but rare side effects of this disease are:

  • Allergy
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Infection
  • lumps
  • Extreme swelling
  • Skin necrosis/ wounds ( on injecting within a blood vessel)

For lessening severe side effects, visit a board-certified plastic surgeon/ dermatologist near you.

Can Dermal Filler’s Effect Be Reduced?

The answer is yes, the effect of some of them can be reduced. If your stomach comprises hyaluronic acid filler material and your intention is to reverse it, do visit your nearby doctor.

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However, the other fillers like Sculptra & Radiesse don’t wear away easily.

The Final Words:

So, what’s your thought? Are you going for this facial treatment? Then, minimize the complications related to it by choosing a skilled & well-trained dermatologist who is also board-certified. He will guide you in the process. You may also visit the website- for further knowledge.

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