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Discover the lifting without surgery with the Tensioning Threads

The aging skin is inevitable, however, there are numerous alternatives to combat the effects it produces. The tensioning threads are precisely one of the aesthetic medicine treatments focused on correcting the lack of firmness and the loss of skin tone as well as wrinkles thread lift cost uk. For this reason, this technique is also known as a non-surgical facelift since the effect it can produce is similar to that of a facelift without the inconvenience of a surgical intervention and, therefore, with much faster visible results.

Although it is important to note that each particular case will require personalized medical advice to apply to each person the treatment that best suits their needs, which at times may be surgical and, at others, aesthetic.

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How long do the tensioning threads last?
The treatment with tensioning threads, better known as magic threads, is a painless treatment that is carried out mainly to combat the sagging that appears in the skin as a result of the loss of collagen and elastin over time.

These are filaments made with biocompatible materials that are very thin since their thickness does not exceed that of a hair. Being biocompatible materials such as polydioxanone, they are totally safe since they are resorbable by the body and are even used in other fields of Medicine.

The procedure is simple, the aesthetic doctor is in charge of introducing and placing the threads through a very fine needle that he will later remove. In this way, the threads are placed under the dermis without being noticed or perceived visually. The magic threads are placed in a session usually of 20 or 30 minutes under local anesthesia or without anesthesia. After its application, the patient can resume their daily activity immediately without pain or discomfort of any kind. The only side effect that may appear is perhaps a small bruise or inflammation that will disappear after a few days.

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thread lift

However, the most outstanding advantage of this aesthetic treatment is that in addition to tightening the skin, restoring its firmness, it increases the production of collagen in it. For this reason, the results are visible at the moment, but they are also progressive since after the treatment the lifting effect is visible but with the passage of months it improves even more. The results of the tensioning threads usually last between 12 and 18 months although the threads themselves are reabsorbed within six to eight months of treatment. This will also depend on the patient’s skin type and their genetic predisposition.

The best areas to apply magic threads
The tensioning threads can be applied in multiple areas. The face is where the magic threads are most placed, especially with the aim of raising the cheekbones and eyebrows, but also to correct wrinkles and furrows formed in the area of the barcode and around the nose. Another area where it is very effective to apply this treatment is the double chin and neck where it is possible to firm and re-tighten the skin to eliminate excess sagging of the double chin and the vertical wrinkles that tend to form on the neck with age.

As for the rest of the body, the tensioning threads are also used to correct the flaccidity of the arms and thighs by applying them on the inside of both. However, very good results are also obtained by applying them to reaffirm the buttocks and even other areas such as the abdomen and breasts. In this way, the magic threads achieve a smooth, luminous skin but above all more elastic and firm.

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At Rejuvence clinic we have a medical team specialized in performing Aesthetic Medicine treatments to reaffirm the skin and correct the imperfections in it. Our professionals will advise you so that you can combat the effects of aging and look radiant and youthful skin in the shortest possible time.

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