Different Types of Language Services for Global Business Growth

Due to globalization, there are many translation services available in the world that can help your business to grow. Before embarking on the translation services, first, you need to select the language. There are a whopping 7139 languages spoken in the world.

 Although you don’t have to translate your business content into all these languages. You must select the language of the target market and then translate your business content into it. For instance, if you want to expand your business in Malaysia then you must take the assistance of Malay translation services.

We only think that translation is the only language service that can help in business growth. This notion is not correct. To penetrate effectively in any foreign market, you also need to take the assistance of other language services like interpretation, proofreading copy, transcribing audio, and multimedia. 

Only professional Malay translation services are not enough. Let’s have a look at different types of language services.


To become a part of the global world, you cannot ignore the significance of interpretation services. You need to conduct meetings with stakeholders that speak different languages. Therefore, to understand the minutes of the meeting in real-time, you must take the assistance of interpretation services. 

For instance, if there is a business conference that is being held in the USA and you are a Chinese entrepreneur then you must require the services of Chinese translation services along with interpretation services to understand what is being said at a global conference.

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Global Language Translation

No doubt that being multilingual is a great skill but as human beings, we cannot learn all the languages. Therefore, to expand your business in every corner of the world, you need to take the assistance of professional translators.

Just take the example of China. China is a top emerging economy in the world. People of China speak the Chinese language in different dialects. Therefore, if you want to target the market niche of the Chinese market then you must take the assistance of simplified Chinese translation services

People opt to buy products and services that are provided to them in the language that they understand. For this purpose, global translation services play an important role in the expansion and growth of the business.

Proofreading Copy

Although the written and spoken words have the same meanings. However, the written copy is harder to translate than any other form. It is a complex form of translation that does not make sense to anyone. Therefore, if you decide to translate any document for your business purpose then proofread business documents. 

Proofreading is so important for business documents because it can either make or break your business reputation in the fiercely competitive world. Proofreading is more important for technical documents. 

Japan is a very innovative country and comes up with new innovations every single day. Therefore, to make their innovations user-friendly for the masses, they should go for Japanese translation services. Proofreading the Japanese translation will remove all the errors that can make the document hazardous. 

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Moreover, it will show that you are more professional in the business. Professional Japanese translation services will assist you in business growth and people can use new technology easily.

Transcribing Audio

Words that we utter hold great importance in communication. If you want to make a long-lasting impact on your customer then you should pick the right words. 

When speakers give a speech, they don’t only give importance to the audience that can listen. But they also give importance to deaf people having hearing impairments. For this purpose, global companies go for transcribing audio.

With these services, people that are deaf can also interpret speech.  Many professional translation companies are also providing transcribing audio services. Professional transcriptionists listen to audio and develop the written version. 

They can also edit, email, and share words. You have to provide them with words that are easy to understand and transcribe.

Multimedia Translation

Do you know that 80% of content that is consumed online is video-based?  What is the use of these videos, if the digital audience is not able to understand them? Here comes the importance of multimedia translation. 

Approximately, 1.5 million people in the UK are using subtitles and this number will continue to increase as people are using more digital devices on the go.

Video is a huge part of global business marketing. People look into online content through videos. This content should be in the language of the people that people understand. 

Therefore, many global companies take the assistance of professional voice-over. The voiceover can resonate with the content of the brand message. Linguists that are competent in voice-overs can mitigate the gap between different languages.

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 In this way, consumers can understand the brand message and they opt to buy products and services leading your business to grow.

Wrapping Up

Each language service has its advantages. To make your business reputation in the fierce competition, first, you need to select the language of the target market.

After deciding the language, you need to select the type of language service that is according to your business requirements and which can help in business growth.

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