Choosing a Colorful Rug

When choosing a colorful rug, should it match the wall color, furniture color, décor of the room, or the color of the carpet?  You would not want to put a pale pink rug Australia in a room with a green carpet.  The color of a rug, whether it is a small rug or an area rug, can bring all the items in the room together or it can make it look like a train wreck.  Here are some tips to help you choose the right color for your room.

Wall Colors

If you choose an area rug to match the colors of the walls, sometimes they can undermine each other because they both cover a large area.  One way to do this is to have one display a bold color and the other a paler color.  Olive green rugs Australia would look great in a room with pale green walls.  The rug would be the focal point of the room and would look great against the soft, pale green color of the walls.

Furniture Colors

When you choose a small rug to go beside the bed, it can link all of the pieces in the room together.  If you have white or dark brown furniture, a pale pink rug Australia would add some color to the room.  You can also use an area rug of the same color for the bed to sit on.

Carpet and Rug Colors

Carpets and rugs both add insulation and warmth to a room but a rug can create a more appealing interior and another level of detail.  You would not want your rug color to be the same as your carpet or close to the color as it would not stand out.  It would just look like an extension of your carpet, and not in a good way either.  For example, in the living area, you have light-colored carpet and furniture with light walls.  This is a dull room so to add color you could add olive green rugs Australia in the form of an area rug or several smaller rugs.

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Traditional rugs add timeless beauty and charm to any room.

Décor of the Room

Yes, your rugs should match the décor of the room.  As long as it does not clash with the other colors, the rug could match a piece of art in the room, a vase, etc.  You want to create a balance in the room that is soothing to the eyes.  You want the room to be something you enjoy going into.

Curtains and pillows

Both of these can be an eye-catcher when you enter a room so when choosing a rug, they should not be ignored.


When choosing rugs for your home, you need to take all of these things into consideration.  You want the room to be in balance and to look warm and inviting.  Take your time to choose a rug, especially an area rug because they take up a lot of space in the room and can be expensive.  Take time to plan your colors and what element of the room the rugs will work with.

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