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At first, the Bitcoin transactions were tagged as totally anonymous and private. Simply put, Bitcoin was considered a problematic payment process to track down. However, it is noted that third parties can access Bitcoin data. Some people would wish to make a completely anonymous Bitcoin transaction. Here it would help if you counted on a reliable Bitcoin mixer to stay secure and transact well.

The Bitcoin mixers are helpful when you wish to secure your privacy and conceal your transactions. But if you look at it, this concept is new for many. This article will explore the best points to help you learn and use a Bitcoin mixer.

Understanding a Bitcoin mixer

The Bitcoin mixer or cleaner, whatever you choose to call it, gets defined as an external service. Being an online platform, it provides the mixing service for Bitcoins. Using this service, you can mix multiple cryptocurrency streams and get untraceable coins. It will give you total privacy of all your funds and transactions. And since the Bitcoin cleaners can make it challenging to trace the coins, your identity will be secured and hidden.

Because most crypto exchanges today need all your documents to validate your identity, chances are that the transactions can get accessed. A Bitcoin cleaner today is a complete necessity. Even though there exist several anonymous crypto exchanges today that don’t need a KYC, it comes with its own set of challenges.

The most crucial objective of the crypto mixer is to break down all the funds into small sets easily and blend them with various transactions. And once this process is done, all the recipients can access a similar value. However, they end up getting multiple coin sets. Tracing the Bitcoins has become highly challenging. The Bitcoin cleaner completely breaks the link between the particular coins and the individual.

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Having said that, when you use the Bitcoin cleaners, you get brand new coins that aren’t linked to your identity. That means you have the scope to get back your privacy. But to use this tumbler, you have to pay a small charge. Since they are helpful, you can always use this amount and get the advantages. Here are a few of the Bitcoin mixers that you can select from.

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  1. io

Simply put, provides you with the best quality service, and there is no need for any registration. When it comes to tumbling, all you need to provide is an address to get the crypto. That is why you can keep track of the blockchain sent from the user’s wallet.

This crypto mixer has its coin repository and coins composing one Bitcoin chain. Once the crypto coins get received, automatically, the service gets attached to the chain end. Here the sender receives the coins back from the start of the concerned chain and isn’t connected with the sent cash. Hence, any possible connection between the coins sent back and received in a user’s wallet gets excluded. There are other multiple advantages of this mixer, such as the scope to set the transaction time delay manually. You can add almost eight withdrawal addresses here by paying an extra charge.

  1. ChipMixer

It is one of the popular platforms for Bitcoin mixing service, which doesn’t need any registration. It doesn’t generate links between consecutive user logins in the platform. Here the deposit can last for almost seven weeks at a stretch. The commission size gets set at the time of the exchange. The logs get deleted automatically right after the completion of the transaction.

  1. MixTum
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The highlight of this service is that it operates on the platform. It functions on the principle that it doesn’t mix the available funds and purchases the coins for swapping any crypto exchanges. Considering that these platforms comprise a massive turnover of cash everywhere, the Bitcoin sent to the customers will be totally clean post the exchange process.

  1. Wasabi Wallet

It is an open-source Bitcoin wallet with OSX, Linus, and Windows versions. The service gets integrated with the Tor browser. One of the best features of this mixer is its output scheme that gets executed with the BIP 157-158 technology. That aside, the algorithm can generate the bech32 addresses.

Choose the Bitcoin mixer wisely

No one wants to select a Bitcoin cleaner and stay unsafe. They would wish to complete anonymity, so you have to consider several things. They are:


Because you need to secure your funds from a third party, selecting a secure and reliable platform is necessary. Ensure that the brand comes with ample market experience and a stable reputation. It is always best to opt-in for a service that doesn’t keep track of any data about the transaction of the users. The new-age mixers enable temporary data storage required to accomplish the real deal. Right after that, the interaction history will get deleted.

Speed is crucial

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