Yoga Breathing Exercises For Beginners

Best Yoga Breathing Exercises For Beginners

Is there anything without which not even a single being can exist? Well, yes! There is. Not even a single living being can exist without breathing. The first thing that you did when you were born was to breathe. However, over time, your mind got entangled in other distractions leaving breathing working unconsciously. Not anymore. There are numerous yoga breathing exercises for beginners to enhance their overall health.

With that said, here are some of the best yoga breathing exercises for beginners you should know about. Let’s have a deep insight into each to have a better understanding. Read on.

Top Yoga Breathing Exercises For Beginners

Alternate Nose Breathing

One of the most practised yoga breathing is Alternate Nose Breathing. Anyone can practice this yoga breathing technique. Practising this yoga breathing exercise helps in the alignment of the left and the right hemisphere of the brain.

To begin with, raise your right hand in front of your face. Place your right thumb on your right nostril and the pinky finger on the left nostril. Gently block the right nostril and breathe in through your left nostril.

Once you have fully breathed in, press your pinky finger on your left nostril and let the air out from the right nostril. After completely passing the air out, breathe in through the right nostril while blocking the left one.

Repeat this over and over again to soothe your senses and cool your mind.

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Box Breathing

One of the easiest yogic breathing exercises for beginners is Box breathing. As a box, the number of seconds for inhaling is equal to the number of seconds for exhaling. Therefore, it creates a uniform sense of the flow of air in your body.

Box breathing improves your ability to focus on a single entity for a longer time. Hence, you become more mindful with the regular practice of the Box breathing yoga technique.

Abdominal Breathing

The major concern of Abdominal breathing is to pull your stomach in and out while breathing. It gently massages your stomach and other abdominal muscles. Moreover, it improves your digestion and other stomach-related issues.

To start with, sit in a comfortable position and place one hand on your stomach. Breathe into your stomach and hold for a few seconds. Let the air out either through your nose or mouth. Just make sure that you use your abdominal muscles to breathe in and out.

Ujjayi Breathing

One of the best things about Ujjayi breathing is that it uses vibrations to enhance your overall well-being The humming sound that emerges while breathing out aligns your mind and body. Moreover, it lowers the secretion of stress-causing hormones. Therefore, you become healthier and fit by practising this breathing technique.

To begin with, breathe in through your nose and let out air after holding for a few seconds. However, while letting out, make sure the air passes out after striking with your throat. It creates vibrations and humming sounds that improve your mental state.

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Breath of Fire

Have you ever felt that breathing deeply helps you feel warm when the surrounding is cold? That is the power and one of the benefits of breathing properly. When it comes to feeling a sense of warmth, nothing comes at par with the Breath of Fire.

Moreover, the Breath of Fire has a deeper significance in Kundalini yoga. To practice this, you should enrol in the best 500 hour yoga teacher training course. Breathe naturally, but when you exhale, make sure your navel moves toward your spine.

It might be a little difficult for beginner yoga practitioners. However, over time you’ll practice it without even thinking for a second.

Wrap Up

Yoga and breathing exercises have a long-standing relationship. Both entities support each other to help you achieve the deepest state. Therefore, learned yoga masters preach to make yoga breathing exercises a part of your routine.

Apart from physical benefits, the art of breathing has psychological as well as psychic benefits. With regular practice of various yoga breathing exercises, you learn to control your mind and body. Some venerable yoga masters could control their heartbeat with regular control over their breaths.

Thus, if you want to achieve the unachievable, make sure you regularly practice yoga and other numerous breathing exercises for optimum health.

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