Consumer Behavior

Benefits of Consumer Behavior to Development of a Brand

Why does the way consumers behave affect the development of a brand? One of the surprising and most significant ways consumer behavior affects a company is its effect on its market share. Today the habits of consumers have been discussed by various specialists in different countries, and various aspects such as demographics, lifestyles, purchasing power, and education have been examined. The effects of consumer behavior on company profit are seen in many ways and are studied in many disciplines. This article discusses the benefits of consumer behavior on the development of a brand.

1. Product development

In the early stages of development, product designers and marketers should carefully consider the needs and desires of customers. This is true for both existing customers as well as potential customers. One way companies profit from their products is by marketing the product fully developed to consumers. There are several methods for marketing the products, including mass marketing, direct marketing, and personal selling. In many countries, there are laws regulating the sale of certain products. They protect the health and safety of people.

2. Market research

One of the most important ways of knowing how to market a product is by surveying consumers’ buying habits and preferences. The survey will help develop an idea about what customers want and what they are willing to buy for. The questionnaire should be designed to get the answers that are needed. The information on product development may be gathered from various surveys, consumer research, focus groups, and the like. The data from this research should be presented accurately and clearly to give a clear idea of the product’s limitations.

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3. Brand competition

There are times when a product has a brand competitor. Brand competition occurs when the two products have similar features and benefits. But there are some differences as well. Companies can benefit from knowing about their competitors by observing them and discovering their weaknesses, advantages, and preferences of customers. This will give the advantages that can enhance or power up the product of interest.

4. Marketing mix decisions

There are four important elements of the marketing mix: product, price, place, and promotion. These elements are very important to decide upon. The marketing mix decisions should be made considering the preferences of consumers and the competitors. This basis can help decide which product to launch, how much to charge for it, and how to market the product. This can give the company a bigger advantage than it had before.

5. Pricing decisions

Consumers are becoming more sensitive to the pricing of products with time. Price is another important aspect in deciding the market of a product. The product’s pricing should be decided based on what the customers are willing to pay, how much they have to pay, how much it costs to produce, and the competition.

6. Market segmentation 

There are various ways companies can benefit from knowing about their customers and their preference. Companies can benefit from this information is to segmenting their markets into groups with similar preferences, demographics, cultures, and lifestyles. Companies can create a product that will suit their clientele by knowing the segmentation well.

7. Consumer perceptions

Another important aspect for companies to know about consumers is their beliefs and perceptions about their products. Knowing these beliefs and perceptions provides a company with some advantages, from knowing what the product should be promoted and the setting of its price range. This knowledge should be gained from consumer surveys, focus groups, direct interviews with consumers, and other similar ways of obtaining information on customers’ concerns and tastes.



In conclusion, consumer behavior has been the main focus of many studies, surveys, and research. Different aspects of consumer behavior have been discussed and analyzed in different fields by specialists in different countries. Where these aspects are concerned, such as demographics, purchasing power, and lifestyle, some laws have been enacted to protect consumers from unfair practices by companies. The benefits of consumer behavior on company profit can be seen from various perspectives, such as product development, marketing mix decisions, and other consumer-related issues.

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