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Basic Rules of Yogic Diet For Beginners

Do you know every diet has a set of rules that you should follow to have the best results? In yoga, there is a greater significance of a yogic diet. It is also known as the Satvik diet. The point is that you should know how to plan your diet chart. That is why you must obey the basic rules while structuring the diet. Also, different YTT programs have special classes to prepare yoga practitioners for life.

Things to Keep in Mind While Making a Yogic Diet

With that said, check out the following rules of the yogic diet that you should follow to avoid any mistakes. Read on.

Know Your Yoga Doshas

Different bodies constitute different yoga doshas. Therefore, you should be aware of your yoga dosha.

Moreover, every yoga dosha has special needs. So, you should construct a yogic diet as per the needs of your yoga doshas.

Get Rid of Snacks

Snacks are one of the major reasons why you keep on gaining weight. That is why you need to get rid of the snacks.

What you can do is eat food that has empty calories. This will ensure you fill up your stomach without getting fat or gaining any weight.

Eat Until Satisfied

Some people just gulp anything they come across. They eat until their bellies stretch out the max. However, that is what you should not follow.

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Rather, you need to understand when to stop eating. Don’t just consume food because you are hungry. You should eat a balanced diet only until you are satisfied.

Hence, look out for different food items that satisfy your hunger pangs. They should be light that full your stomach but should not be super heavy.

Consume Wholesome Food

The era is of processed or canned food. Everyone is living a while where they just microwave the food and eat it. That is not healthy and will not be going to give you energy. That is why you should eat wholesome food.

Include food that is rich in energy and complex carbohydrates into your yogic diet. That way you get the required energy even when you don’t eat. Wholesome food is always good for you and keeps you in the best shape of your life.

Eat Six Tastes

The biggest mistake you might commit is gulping down a single type of food. That leads to the lack of various nutrients present in other types of food.

So, you should include six tastes in your yogic diet. That way you get all the required nutrients in your diet so that no single nutrient exceeds or declines in your body.

Not just that, different types of tastes keep your tongue healthy.

No Distractions While Eating

The world is slowly moving into the realm of continuous distractions. There is not even a single place where there is nothing to distract you.

However, make sure you minimize the distractions whenever you eat food. That way your whole focus is going to be on the food. This way your food will digest better and in the least possible time.

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Hence, your metabolism boosts up when you are mindful of what you eat. Even your mind learns to focus on a single thing at hand.

Don’t Eat Before Bedtime

Many people eat dinner too late at the night. That gives them little or no time at all to digest the food. In short, they go to bed right after they eat food.

This leads to bloating or indigestion. Therefore, one of the major rules of a yogic diet is to eat food early at night.

There is a rule that in a yogic diet that ensures you eat such that there is a gap of at least 16 hours between your breakfast and dinner. This helps you in losing weight without even doing anything.

Have Herbal Drinks

Everyone has hunger pangs. Therefore, you should not worry much about the same. However, you must tackle such times with different techniques.

One of the best things that you can do is to have herbal beverages right when you feel hungry. That way, you won’t have to fill your stomach with food when you should not be eating.

End Note

The rules mentioned are there to help you make a perfect yogic diet plan. If you are a complete beginner, make sure you join a 300 hour yoga teacher training course. There you will learn under the guidance of yoga masters that will help you excel at yogic diet.

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