A Checklist of What You Should Do Following a Truck Accident

It is almost inevitable for a person as a truck driver to involve in an accident at least once in their life. In Chicago, truck accidents are prevalent, including property damage. A person can hardly make the right decision following a truck accident as it’s one of the most brutal and horrible experiences for the driver and everyone involved in the accident. The first thing you need to do immediately after a truck accident is to seek medical attention, even if you think you are not seriously injured. These medical records can be used as evidence in court when you claim damages.

Safety First

Find a safe place or spot near the accident location and shift yourself if you are conscious and able to walk. Then, call the emergency helpline and wait for them. Make sure not to abandon the place and try to stay calm. You must know that safety and getting out of harm’s way is your priority.

Don’t Discuss

You don’t need to engage in unnecessary discussion or fight; remain silent until a police officer arrives at the site and gets your official statement recorded. The place where the accident occurred isn’t for making accusations or explaining yourself. However, you must exchange the registration and license details with the driver; if not, you can also ask the officer to do it for you when they get there.

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Note Down the Number Plate, Phone Number and Collect AvailableEvidence

Gather the truck driver’s information and note down the license plate number. Also, if possible, ask a witness to help, if any, so that they can provide a statement. Record and take images of the scene and surroundings properly. Ask for the reporting officer’s details, badge number, and station name. If possible, get the CCTV footage from the traffic camera or any building near the accident.

Seek Medical Assistance

Most of the injuries or pains are not obvious instantly after the accident. However, you should still visit your doctor and get your tests done to ensure no internal bleeding or injury. Preserve the medical report and doctors’ statement as it is valuable evidence.If the injuries are worse, you can tell someone to handle all the legal stuff and other important issues for you and get your treatment done as soon as possible. Ensure that the report is honest and accurate, and don’t lie or mislead, as it can be risky for you.

Report the Accident to your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company regarding the accident and tow the vehicle to repair the damage. Make sure to ask for the garage the car will be taken to. But before that, ensure the vehicle is adequately examined as it is significant evidence. Also, request the police officer to share the official report of the accident with your lawyer.

Request Relevant Information

You should approach the truck driver’s company and demand relevant information regarding the driver,which is supposed to be kept safe and recorded. However, there is a possibility that it might be erased immediately after the accident by the trucking company. If you are not medically fit to contact the company or truck owner, you can have someone do it for you, probably your lawyer.

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Truck accidents can be horrible and dangerous. However, if you are fortunate enough to remain in your sense and not severely injured, follow the tips mentioned above to help you punish the person at fault and receive compensation.

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