You Must Have Accessories for Your Mobiles and Computers

computers accessories product has evolved significantly within the past few years. From work to our day-to-day lives, we’ve multiple gadgets to urge things finished us, making our lives easier than ever! But to form sure we harness this power of technology to the fullest, we must take care while buying these gadgets. We at crazydealsin have prepared an inventory of gadgets and accessories from certain brands that each mobile, computer or laptop should have.   

1.OnePlus Smart-bands

OnePlus may be a premium brand when it involves mobile phones. But did you recognize OnePlus features a wide selection of smart bands too? With its sleek design and advanced features, the OnePlus Smart-band is already a bestseller. But let’s take a glance at what makes it the right fit  you. 

OnePlus Smart-bands come equipped with features like,

5ATM / IP68 Water Resistance.

Long 14 Days Battery backup.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring.

Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring.

‘Phone connectivity’ so you’ll catch all the required notifications and controls like message notifications, incoming call notifications.Enjoy easy music playback controls, stopwatch, camera-shutter controls, weather outlook and more, directly on your Smart-band.

2. Noise Smart-watches

A smart-watch is definitely more advanced than a Smart-band, it not only packs more features, but also provides a far better user experience. And NOISE may be a breakthrough Indian brand that’s quickly becoming popular among customers ever since its arrival within the marketplace for its smart wearables. Affordable and accessible personal technology accessories, Noise is one among India’s biggest brands for smart-watches. Every Noise smart-watch comes with unique designer bands and a cushty, user-friendly touch interface. Monitor your pulse 24/7 and stay in-tuned with how suit you are becoming! Swap the watch straps for cute colours and wear the sleek design on every outfit. 10 day battery life means longer performance and lesser charging worries. Known for its product quality and comparatively low prices, Noise provides a good range of the foremost affordable, next-gen smart-watches within the market. 

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Buy your Noise Smart-watch here!

3. Adaptors & Cables

Whether it’s your smart-phone, power bank, smart-watch or a smart-band, you would like a compatible and kickass pair of adaptors and cables to form sure your device charges correctly without suffering any damage.

Most of those are small and light-weight, making them easy to hold. this suggests you’ll easily pack a pair while happening a visit and take a backup pair to fall back upon if the primary one is lost or broken. this may confirm you’ll use your device uninterrupted without fear about its battery life. 

An adapter may be a device that permits a selected sort of hardware to figure with another device that might rather be incompatible. it’s become Adaptors and Cables are sensitive and must be bought with care, to form sure you finish with the proper product. And to assist you select the proper product, we recommend you to follow the link below. There you’ll stroll across the catalogue of the simplest quality adaptors and cables, including authentic Apple and Samsung adaptors and cables, at exciting discounts and irresistible offers.  

Buy high-quality Adaptors and Cables here! 

Headphones, Earphones and Speakers

Don’t you’re keen on taking note of an active, power-packed song while you’re pumping iron within the gym, or a soothing chill track while performing from home? it’s almost unbelievable what proportion music affects our productivity and daily mood. That’s why we expect it’s essential to concentrate to the speakers or headsets you’re buying. a far better system means a far better experience, which is why we’ve compiled an inventory of headphones, earphones and speakers that we expect, will offer you the simplest user experience,

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4.JBL Everest Headphones

JBL may be a brand known for its authenticity and an entire user-experience.  JBL’s ultra-quality in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear headphones hold a big value for music-lovers. When it involves headphones and speakers, JBL may be a name that one can easily trust. Everest may be a premium range of trendy and sturdy wireless headphones and in-ear headphones provided by JBL. Every single headphone of the JBL Everest range stands call at the market, all because of the smart features it packs like, 

Adaptive Noise Cancelation.

High range Bluetooth connectivity.

Long battery life.

Magnetic Cable management (in-ear headphones).

Complete Google Assistant control.

JBL Everest headphones accompany a ‘comfort fit’ ability which ensures unprecedented comfort for a extended and more enjoyable user experience, making them quite popular within the ‘audiophile’ community. Buy your favourite headphone from the wide JBL Everest range here!


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  1. Noise Earphones

Noise may be a well-known Indian brand gaining worldwide recognition for its premium range of earphones, headsets, and wireless neckbands. 

 NOISE Neck bands are wireless collar headphones to reinforce your music listening experience with a sleek design, cushioned buds and proper sound balancing.

 These neck bands are available different variants and hues at reasonable prices with compelling features like Long Battery life, so you’ll use them whole day without fear.

Fast Charging to save lots of up some time, so you’ll ‘listen more and charge less!’

Dual Pairing to reinforce your neckband’s multitasking abilities.

Voice Assistant support to form them easy to regulate.

Water Resistance

Magnetic Earbuds.

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Buy your Noise Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Earphones here!

6. Portable Speakers

A portable speaker can start a celebration anywhere, anytime, on the go. regardless of where you’re, all you would like may be a portable speaker in your pocket, and you’ll get the party started.

At crazydealsin, we offer a good range of portable speakers and smart speakers to settle on from brands like JBL, Sony and Boat. These portable speakers offer optimum sound quality and long battery life, so you’ll groove on the music as long as you would like. 

JBL’s portable speakers accompany a complicated ‘Party Boost’ option that gives rich bass, clear vocals without compromising the sound quality, making them perfect for house parties and little gatherings. Whereas Boat speakers accompany two equalizer modes and a dynamic HD quality sound so you’ll set the music consistent with your mood. Whether it is a large hall or alittle room, a ship speaker are often your perfect companion to urge the party started. Crazydealsin also provides a good range of smart speakers from brands like Apple and Amazon. Control your room’s lights and play your favourite music and videos on your TV by simply asking Alexa to try to to it. It can make your life simpler by fixing alarms, reminders and managing your schedule for you. Compatible with all smart devices – smartphone, smart TV and more; all you would like may be a Wi-Fi connection to activate the smart speaker.    All these, and lots of other useful gadgets and accessories, are available at attractive discounts on the crazydealsin’ online store. Buy yours and stay up-to-date with the newest technology within the market!


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