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The 4 Pinay scandal Girls viral video has attracted much interest, as its explicit content has attracted much scrutiny. Nonetheless, its dissemination may raise ethical concerns as it could exploit minors featured in it or violate their rights in some way.

Pinay Kantotan

Digital technology has given rise to individuals becoming famous due to a scandal, often with disastrous consequences for some individuals involved. While such fame may benefit artists, activists, and humanitarians alike, it can also pose difficulties for some. One recent 4 Pinay scandal involves four Filipina girls lifting their shirts uniquely for online viewings with millions of views that have caused widespread outrage across society.

The controversy was initiated by an online video that was leaked and quickly went viral, featuring Filipinas who are members of a TikTok group known as Jabol TV in the Philippines. Many have searched for this video using keywords such as “4 Pinay scandal girls,” “Jabol TV girl,” and other similar phrases; as it continues to draw significant global interest and search traffic. Due to the potentially offensive content in the video and potential sexual references within, viewing should be undertaken with extreme caution and with the full awareness that viewing it could result in harmful or inappropriate results.


Video footage showing a black college graduate seizing the microphone from an educator who denied her access to say her full name has gone viral, being watched millions of times across Tiktok and other platforms.

She sat down with her grandmother to discuss the incident and shared her sentiment that it was unfair for her to be punished for something she hadn’t done herself. Additionally, she expressed her displeasure at how teachers treated her and thought the school should have known better.

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A viral video featuring four young Pinay girls dancing seductively has recently gone viral, receiving wide recognition on Twitter. Many have asked where they can watch it online – we will provide the link here below.

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Tiktok recently shared a video showing a black college graduate stealing the mic from an educator who wouldn’t allow her to say her full name. The woman grabbed it back and dropped her mic for all to hear!

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Video footage showing a black college graduate seizing control of the microphone from an educator who apparently did not permit her to state her full name has gone viral, prompting debate over racism on Tiktok and other platforms.

Reddit community “u_viral_on_soc_med” posted the video which has since received over 10K likes and over 1.3K comments. All three girls appear content; however, its controversy overshadows their happiness at being together in person.

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These girls have amassed an extensive following on Instagram, known as “thegirlzzz”. Their latest video showcases them dancing a dance routine for their mother and father dressed in lehengas for a bridal shower. Furthermore, these videos can often be found with hashtags #fypshi and #girlxinhtiktok and have received praise from viewers due to their spectacular dance moves.

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