Granite Countertops

Why Granite is so popular for Countertops?

Granite is a popular option for countertops across different countries, including India, China, the UK, Canada, Brazil, the US and more. You can find granite in many countries for different purposes in their homes too. It is one of the more expensive options as a material but there are benefits to choosing granite over other materials that make that cost worth paying. Here is a look at why choose granite countertops Toms River and not another option.

Add Value to Your Property

People look at the kitchen and bathroom when they are buying a home and granite countertops make the property more desirable. But as well as making it likely you will receive more interest, you can also add more to the value of your home and sell for more. This means while this stone costs more, you do eventually get that money back!

Granite has better durability

Granite countertops in the kitchen are a good choice because they are a lot more durable than many other materials. That makes them highly suitable for kitchen work, chopping, banging, and high temperatures, it is resistant to scratches, heat and more. You could put a pan from the cooker to the countertop and there would be no bubbling or reaction. Countertops tend to be sealed as well to make them even more resistant to chipping.

A vast array of patterns

A lovely feature of granite is the natural randomness of its colors and patterns. There are an unlimited number of combinations to complement any home. Granite countertops Point Pleasant Beach have a lot of depth and even when you have neighbors all with granite in their kitchen you can have very unique and beautiful examples in each home.

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Low maintenance and easy to clean

Not a lot of people like having to clean and the kitchen is somewhere that needs daily attention. But the great thing about granite is it does not need a lot of scrubbing and certainly does not need the application of chemicals. Just some warm water and soap should do it, though there are stone cleaning solutions you can buy if you want to. You do need to have the surface resealed once every year or two though to retain its beauty.

Longer lifespan with granite

Another reason for choosing granite countertops Toms River or wherever you are is that they have a longer lifespan and they do not fade over time. Keep it sealed and you can enjoy the same brilliance you were drawn to for many many years to come. Look after them and you could enjoy them for the whole time you are in that home. Being non-porous also means that you do not have to worry about mold growth or bacteria.

These are just some of the main advantages that granite countertops Point Pleasant Beach offer when it is time to renovate your kitchen or even your bathroom too. Enjoy a gorgeous kitchen for a long time.


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