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Why Extracurricular Activities in High School Are Important

A big part of being in high school is taking part in extracurricular activities. These activities may differ depending on the high school, but most provide students with similar choices. Whether you want to join a football club, be a cheerleader, or join a writing club, you can rest assured that you will find something that you’ll love.

What are the benefits of taking part in these extracurricular activities, though? Some people do not want to join any clubs in high school – and they are truly missing out. Clubs allow you to meet fellow minded individuals to make friends with, as well letting you explore a hobby that interests you. So, with this in mind, here are a few reasons why extracurricular activities are important in high school.

The Social Side

On the topic of making new friends, by being in a club that will be full of people who are also interested in the activity, you will be able to meet a plethora of new people to socialize with. Many students struggle to find other people who tend to like the same things as them, and while they exist, they may not always be in their class. This means that some students can miss out on having a friendship group that shares the same hobbies and things they like.

Nobody should have to miss out on the amazing social experience in high school – and they don’t have to; clubs are perfect for getting into social circles. Maybe you love art? If so, you can join an art club. You will meet a ton of fellow artists who can motivate you through your creative exploration while bonding with like-minded people.

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 The Sporty Side

If you are more into the sporty side of clubs, there is a wide variety of sports clubs available in high school – from football to basketball and tennis to hockey. There is even cheerleading on offer – the iconic high school club sport that is commonly portrayed in movies.

A huge part of cheerleading is the outfits, which are typically adorned with the high school’s crest and motto whilst also matching the color scheme of the sports team that they are cheering for. There is a wide range of uniforms that can be used, just like these cheerleading uniforms Columbus Ohio offers.

Cheerleaders must also have uniforms suited to the weather, meaning many schools opt for two different types of uniform for the warmer months and the colder months.

A Boost for Motivation

Being part of an extracurricular activity or a club can be a great motivator for high school students, especially if they are feeling burnt outwith their schoolwork. It can boost their confidence while also teaching them that they can, in fact, enjoy high school.

These activities are also a fantastic element to include on a resume, as it shows future employers that they have the dedication and drive to take part in something new. It is important to note that this applies to any extracurricular activities on offer – not just the competitive ones.

If you want to go into a career within the sports industry, then taking part in active and competitive extracurricular activities will look great on your resume to employers – likewise, if a student wants a career within the art industry. If their employers see that they took part in an art club on their resume, they will see that the student is extremely dedicated to the world of art.

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