What Presentation Softwares Have a Built-In Media Library?

Presentations deliver best where the engagement power is highest. The ability to add media files such as movie clips, images, sound files, and more to your presentation can take your engagement power to a whole new level. But to achieve this goal, you’ll need a presentation tool that can support the addition of multimedia content to your presentation.

Since not all presentation tools offer this ability, we have listed 5 of the best software that have a built-in media library. Read on to learn more:


1. ProPresenter

ProPresenter has for quite some time now been branded as the king of church presentation software, but it’s way more than that. Thanks to features like live output support, multi-screen output, edge blending, complete non-linear flexibility, advanced editing capabilities, and more, you can use this tool in just about any setting.

And since it’s built to be the presentation software that does more than just help you to create basic presentations, you have access to more than 50,000 media assets to bring your presentation to life.


2. Canva

Canva is more than just a typical presentation tool since it offers graphic design and video editing capabilities. These extras make it attract lots of bloggers as well as home-based businesses who want to promote their content or market certain products and/or services.

With thousands of layouts to pick from such as posters, invitations, presentations, and more, users can create custom professional-grade materials without a hassle. Then there’s the benefit of the rich media library that Canva offers. Lots of videos, stock imagery, music, fonts, and animations to pick from.

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3. Microsoft PowerPoint

It’s only fair that we mention the most popular presentation tool globally, not only because of its familiarity but also availability and ease of use. While PowerPoint has a slight learning curve for beginners, most people get used in a short while, thanks to the intuitive interface.

You also get dozens of built-in template options and a rather rich built-in media library. With several stock videos, images, and animations to choose from, as well as the ability to choose audio files from your PC, you’ll never run out of media files to boost the appeal of your presentation.


4. Prezi

Just like ProPresenter, Prezi is another presentation tool that does not limit you to standard linear presentations. The main idea behind non-linear flexibility when creating presentations is to implement a more conversational flow of information. This means that you can add topics and subtopics that are related to your presentation and only zoom in to access them whenever you want to validate specific points.

With Prezi, you will have access to a quick vast graphic assets library, voice-over, and animations. This software also supports uploading or embedding videos from YouTube, but you have to remain in online mode to use them.


5. Visme

One of the strong points of Visme is that it’s an interactive presentation tool with a user-friendly interface, making it a good choice for beginners and professionals alike. Visme has often been portrayed as the most perfect visualization tool for converting data into engaging content presented as infographics or presentations.


Honestly, though, there’s a lot more that Visme is capable of doing, from creating professional presentations to coming up with detailed reports. Whenever you want to upscale your presentations, you can do so with the help of recorded voice, audio files, video, animations, and transitions.


Create the perfect presentation today

Thanks to advancements in the world of presentation tools, you have access to a sea of options when crafting your presentations. But if you want to create presentations that actually prompt the right responses from your audience, the ones listed above should help you do just that and more.

For us, ProPresenter is quite the perfect presentation tool, thanks to the comprehensive features that it offers. That said, however, you should be perfectly fine with any of the presentation tools mentioned above if adding media files to your presentations is something that matters a lot to you.

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