What Is OPMS Kratom Shot?

Kratom drugs have become famous because of their expanded potential and immediate impact on the natural world. Some of the most popular tinctures are made from the Maeng Da strain, derived from several other strains.


With so many options, picking the best quality may be a challenge. Ideally, an alkaloid-rich beverage should be distilled straight from the plant and have a perfect balance of alkaloids.


Extract consumers may be familiar with the Black OPMS name. They are recognized for making some of the most strong and high-quality kratom extracts, and their name stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions.


They claim that all of their products are natural and pure. Just a few drops may have such a profound influence on your body. The efficacy of OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shots is examined in-depth in this article.

What Does Liquid Kratom Mean?

Kratom liquid is a refined form of an extract with additional components. The alkaloid profile is richer, even though it is derived from powder or leaves.


The two most important alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are in excess when weighed against the actual powder or leaf weight. They are more powerful than traditional kratom because of the increased alkaloid concentration. The liquid extracts come in various formats, from tinctures to teas to injections.

Is There a Difference Between Kratom Shots and Other Kratom Products?

Kratom shots, a type of kratom beverage, are sometimes likened to energy drinks because of their similar effects. Tiny portions and dropper tubes are available for purchase. Kratom energy drinks are popular among consumers due to their immediate effects and convenient size. They include chemicals other than kratom and are more concentrated than source leaves.

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Finding the right brand is essential to getting high-quality goods. As a result, Shop All OPMS Kratom at My Kratom Club.

Why Is OPMS the most trusted name in liquid kratom shots?

Improved Plant Mediated Solutions has been proving its excellence in kratom extracts since 2010. Since its start, its product line has grown fast and currently includes the highly sought-after Black Liquid Kratom Shots. An innovative extraction method has revolutionized the extract and kava industries, yielding the highest quality products.


Although many businesses now provide shots, the general public hasn’t noticed. Because of the excellent quality and unique extraction process, OPMS continues to have the most users. Liquid shots, say those who have tried them, have a more complicated and rapid effect, giving you a bigger bang for your buck.

What Is OPMS’s Purpose? Options in the Market

OPMS provides a wide range of shorts, capsules, and powders for its customers to choose from. These are a few of the examples:


  • Two, three, and five-capsule packs of OPMS Gold are offered.
  • 8-ounce bottles of OPMS Gold Liquid.
  • OPMS Black: Capsules come in two, three, and five-capsule blister cards.
  • 8-ounce bottles of OPMS Black Liquid are sold.
  • OPMS Silver is available as a powder or a pill.
  • The OPMS OPK Kava kava extracts are available in capsules and an extract.


Product lines like powdered extracts and capsules show that OPMS sells various products other than injections. OPMS Black Extract Capsule and Black Shot are the company’s most well-known products. These goods are hard to come by in the market, especially in their natural state. As a result, My Kratom Club is the most dependable vendor to Shop OPMS Black 5 pack Kratom.

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Are OPMS Black Kratom Shots Right for You?

Kratom shots prepared from Maeng Da kratom are particularly potent, according to OPMS. Overdosing is drastically reduced because of the potency markings on the bottles. Fresh Maeng Da leaves are frequently used in the preparation of these dishes. Customers have long relied on this strain to reduce stress because it is one of the most popular kratom strains.

What Is the Process for Obtaining These shots?

The cold-water extraction method employed by OPMS has effectively brought extraordinarily powerful shots to the general market. It is separate from the standard extraction method, which employs cold water or solvent and high pressure.


The leaves or powder are traditionally boiled and then concentrated on producing a more strong liquid for extracts. Cold-water extraction preserves more alkaloids. Because of this, a more strong liquid may be produced.


As a result of this procedure, the alkaloid content of kratom was reduced. The alkaloids are removed by freezing and pressing the source leaves or powder rather than boiling them.

What Are OPMS Black Kratom Shots Made Of?

A deeper inspection reveals that an 8.8 ml bottle of black OPMS kratom shots comprises the following:


  • 280mg Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) leaf extract (50:1)
  • Mitragynine content is 48% – 180mg per bottle.
  • Content of 7-OH-Mitragynine – 2.2% – 8mg per bottle
  • Other ingredients include: In addition to the alkaloid content, each kratom shot contains chemicals such as ethanol to ensure the product’s stability over time.


Gold and black are the two colors offered by OPMS for their syringes. This makes the Black shots more potent because each shot includes around 225 mg of alkaloid content drawn from 14 grams of the parent leaf. Higher dosages are recommended for experienced kratom powder users who need more potency. These shots are at least 8.8ml in diameter. A third of a shot is the recommended starting point for each bottle, including around three shots.

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The Color and Price of OPMS Black Kratom

Users wonder about OPMS Black Kratom shots’ color. Why? Two reasons.


First, it’s made from Black Maeng Da kratom, one of the strongest strains in the family. Maeng Da kratom is found in red, green, and white veins and has added black strain in recent years.


It’s stronger and used to extract stronger liquids. This strain is made from red vein leaves using a coffee-like procedure. After fermentation, the red vein leaves are roasted, giving the strain its black color.


Second, Maeng Da kratom goes through various concentration operations, enhancing the black color. Black was chosen by OPMS to reflect the potency of these shots.


Price-wise, OPMS offers 8ml bottles and a carton of 45 shots. Every bottle costs $17.99. Many retailers offer reduced products, but OPMS doesn’t back them.

Black Liquid Kratom Shots Work?

Many consumers claim that Maeng Da kratom gives these shots euphoric effects. According to users, kratom shots relieve pain faster than powder and leaves. Users claim feeling affected within minutes due to great potency. Liquid alkaloids were absorbed faster.


The container’s size and shape make dosing easier. Start with a drop and increase to get results. The new extraction technology allows for a higher active component concentration in a lesser dose.


These shots are only recommended for experienced kratom users, not newcomers.

What dose of OPMS Black Liquid Kratom should I take?

Users determine the optimal dosage based on shot potency. To achieve this, compare the powder dose to the extract’s potency and start with less. Start with a 1/3 shot and increase if you don’t see results.


As the product is powerful, overdosing can cause negative effects. These shots are good for those who can’t take a lot of powder because of the taste. The required drops can be added to drinks or food; otherwise, toss them.

The Bottom Line

There hasn’t been enough research on kratom’s efficacy or even side effects. The only data available is subjective study, which should not be regarded as the most reliable guidance. When experimenting with a new product, it is best to start small and gradually increase. The same can be said for kratom shots. These products should not be used during pregnancy or by any patient.

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