Stair Chair Lift Cost: A Guide For Stairlift Consumers

We all know that in today’s modern era there are multiple ways offered for those who have problems mounting stairs. And one of the best ways to assist persons using the stairs to go up and down is with a stair lift. But what is a Stair Lift? So, A stair lift is an electric sitting mechanism that takes you from one floor of your home to another.


Typically, it consists of a seating unit and a railing system that is designed specifically for your staircase. Moreover, the chair ascends the stairs slowly.


Now that you know that you have an amazing option in hand, the next question that comes to each of us is how does it cost?


What Is The Cost Of a Stair Lift?


Stair chair lift cost questions are extremely common. But the answer is: It depends. The manufacturer and model of the stair lift, whether th e stairs are straight or curved, whether you buy a new or used unit, and where you acquire the unit are all factors that affect the cost of a stair lift.


Straight Stair Lift: Costing


There are two different kinds of stairlifts available on the market. The most popular kind is a straight stair lift, which has a conventional straight rail that can suit the majority of straight staircases. You will buy a straight stair lift if your set of stairs is straight with no bends or curves. You will pay less if you need a stair lift for a straight stairway with no turns.

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A stair chair lift cost somewhere between $2,000 and $9,000. Your ultimate cost will depend on the staircase’s length, the type you choose, and any upgrade options you choose, like a folding rail or power swivel seat. For qualified buyers, you also sometimes get monthly financing with low-payment options starting at $55.00/month.


Curved Stair Lift: Costing


The other choice is a curved stair lift, which includes a rail that is specifically designed for staircases with curves, turns, or intermediate landings. Both varieties of stair lifts can be set up inside or outside. Spend a little more if you require a stair lift for a curving staircase. The stair lift track must be specifically constructed to fit your staircase if it is curved or straight with a landing in the middle. The price will consequently be considerably higher.


Depending on how your staircase is set up and any upgrade options you choose to add to increase user comfort, the cost of a curved stair lift starts at $9,000 and goes up from there.


The Alternative Of Rental Stair Chair Lift


Some suppliers offer straight rail stairlift rentals if your requirements are temporary. Installation and removal are included in the Lifeway Mobility rental program, along with a monthly rental cost and service that is offered for the duration of the rental period as needed. If you know you’ll only need a lift for a few months following surgery, renting a stairlift is a great option. It’s also a terrific choice when living arrangements are transient and it’s unclear how long the lift will be required.

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Overall, Online listings for new stair lifts may be available for much less than the prices shown here. A stair lift can be one of the most affordable options for people who can no longer use the stairs when compared to alternatives like moving to a one-story house or a senior care facility. So, if you’re looking for the best solution for such issues, choosing a Chair lift in Philadelphia is the best solution!



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