What is Gimkit?  How to Play it?

Gimkit is a collaborative digital quiz-style game that can excite and inspire learning. Similar to Kahoot! Gimkit allows educators and students to create multiple choice questions from scratch for any topic and it also allows users to import Quizlet sets to create a kit easily. One of the motivating futures within Gimkit is the ability to earn and use the money to buy various powers ups such as earning more points per question gaining additional points when on the streaks, and using insurance if an individual student responds.

Comfort of using Gimkit

Gimkit is fairly candid in terms of ease of use especially if you are familiar with the similar online tool Kahoot. Its ease of use is enhanced by Gimkit visually appealing interface with clearly marked steps that help the user succeed in creating a kit sufficiently. If you have any questions, Gimkit has a help desk and an email where you can ask questions about the tool you can also give feedback about the tool and even suggest new features.

Gimkit allows for entire class teamwork using a tool called a KitCollab (cooperative Gimkit). Students work together to create a Kit. They submit questions and as the teacher, you have the power to receive or discard the proposed questions.

Gimkit collects info for the student

  1. Name (required for all financial records)
  2. Email address (required for all financial records)
  3. Date of birth (required for student financial records)
  4. School, university, or organization (required for educator financial records)
  5. Educator interests/subjects (required for educator financial records)
  6. Grade level, if you are a teacher (required for educator financial records)
  7. Financial information (essential when signing up for Gimkit paid subscriptions)
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Login required

  1. No account is desired to play.
  2. An account must be created if you need to run a game or make a kit. You can sign up with a Google account or email address.
  3. For student accounts, logging in requires inputting their date of birth.
  4. For educator accounts, logging in requires inputting the country, area code, and name of your school.

Availability and Usability

  1. There was no existing information about convenience settings on the website and it does not look to participate with any assistive technology e.g., screen readers, or voice control.
  2. You can take the language you want to use for live games and you can allow the use of Google Translate, which will explain the text inside the live games.
  3. The option to upload images or audio questions is a possible plus for convenience. However, it is only available for the pro-forms.

How does Gimkit work?

Once signed up for futemax, a teacher can begin true away. Sign-up is as modest as an email can be used or a Google account. The last creation it easy for schools now set up that system. This is especially the situation for list importing. Once a register is imported, teachers can give discrete quizzes as well as live class-wide methods. Various students work daily basis and many persons work on this website.

Students can join a class game through the website or an email invite. Or they can use a code that can be shared via the LMS stage of special by the teacher. This was approved not only for game controls but also for assessment and data analytics – but more on that below.

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