Updating Your Bathroom

Updating Your Bathroom To Make It Kid-Friendly

Getting kids into routines and keeping them there isn’t always simple, and this includes the essential wash, rinse, and repeat of daily living. 

A kid-friendly bathroom theme is more than just an elegant look; it encourages children to their own place and may teach proper hygiene from a young age. 

Whether you’re loaded with cash and ready for a bathroom remodel or simply looking for some DIY inspiration, here are some bathroom remodels ideas to update your bathroom to make it kid-friendly!

There are stuff kids should be able to reach in any common bathroom, as well as items they should not be able to reach. 

When you think about a bathroom remodel, try implementing storage techniques that use different heights to assist facilitate accessibility and enforce off-limits sections in your bathroom. 

In other words, keep toilet paper, towels, and cotton balls in lower, easier-to-reach drawers, razors, medications, and cleaning supplies in higher, more difficult-to-reach cabinets and shelves.

  • Durable Touch

A kid-friendly bathroom requires durable, easy-to-clean materials and accessories. Things break or get soiled when you have children. 

Choosing materials for your bathroom remodel that is designed to withstand it all—from stains and spills to cracks and dents—not only saves you money in the long run but may keep your kid-friendly bathroom looking new for years to come. 

Porcelain tile and quartz worktops are two examples of attractive but child-friendly bathroom materials.

  • Adding A Foot Stool

Whether you buy a stool from a store, design one yourself, or install one, adding a footstool to the bathroom creates a kid-friendly counter that is easy to clean and accessible. 

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In your bathroom remodel planning, don’t forget getting water, soap, and toothbrushes more accessible to your children also makes your job easier, which is always a benefit.

If you require a step stool in your bathroom, you may want to investigate a floating vanity. These are not only fashionable, but they also allow a step stool to slip below and out of sight. 

Consider These Additional Kid-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

  • Instead of a towel bar, you can install hooks. When it comes to small children, wall hooks are a little simpler to handle, which means there will be fewer towels on the floor.

Furthermore, towel bars may appear to young toddlers to be playground equipment. Hooks do the job, but they don’t allow for much playtime.

  • A big sink is preferable to a double sink. A larger sink means more water will end up in the sink rather than on the counter if you have small children who are learning to wash their hands and brush their teeth. As a consequence, the vanity is easy to clean and suitable for children. A larger sink can even handle a newborn’s first bath.

Use wainscoting or a wall tile to extend the life of your kid-friendly bathroom remodel. Stains and spills may be easily wiped away since these surfaces are easier to clean than painted walls.

  • Select a toilet with a side trip lever. The majority of tiny children are unable to reach the top of the toilet tank. Maintaining the trip lever on the tank’s side prevents your youngster from having to crawl up onto the seat or tank to flush.
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Don’t go too crazy with the kid motif. Needless to say, children grow up quickly, and today’s adorable, frog-patterned wallpapers may become tomorrow’s ugly. Add a cute patterned shower curtain, bath mat, or toothbrush holder for a kid-friendly touch.

Even if you’re planning a large-scale kid-friendly bathroom remodel or a few modest changes or additions to your present bathroom, there’s more than one way to welcome the young ones in while maintaining that timeless style and feel you’re looking for.


A remodeled bathroom increases the value of your property, modernizes its decor, and makes it more adaptable to your requirements. 

Renovations are the ideal moment to implement enhancements that will benefit you and your family for many years. 

If you’re going to spend money on your bathroom remodel, consider adding one or more of these crucial modifications to improve the space’s storage, practicality, and comfort. Hiring a trained bathroom designer is a terrific way to ensure a unified design.

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