Piling Dorchester

Types of Piling Dorchester and their Characteristics

Piling is the basic groundwork on which a property is constructed and built. As every structure or building needs a solid foundation to stand on, piling is the method of drilling foundation accurately, with the aim of providing structural strength to the weak soil, on which a building has to stand on.

Thus, hiring Piling Dorchester experts that are experienced in this procedure is very important. But before that, it is crucial that you understand the process of piling and the types

What is Piling?

Piling is a groundwork process. It involves different methods to build strong foundations for your properties. It is also one of the most basic and crucial steps for all types of construction projects.

Piling is divided into different types. Depending on the soil condition and the method that has to be used, the type of piling is decided upon. If you are looking for piling Dorchester, then we think it is important for you to know about the various types that are available for you as an option.

The experts will certainly look into the best possible material for you, on their own. But understanding the different types will help you in keeping tabs on the decisions that are being made and whether they are accurate or not.

Thus, it is always best to be prepared beforehand.

Types of Piling Dorchester and their Characteristics

Here are the basic types of piling that one can choose from.

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1. Screwed Piles:

Screwed piles are used quite a lot for construction these days. This piling type, uses a hollow galvanised steel pile shaft, and steel helices that are attached to it. The screwed piles are fastened to the ground; it is similar to you fastening a screw into wood. Screw piling is quite famous because it is a cost effective and sustainable alternative, in comparison to other piling Dorchester techniques and methods.

2. Timber Piles:

Timber piles have been in the construction industry since years. These piles are manufactured offs-ite and then they are installed in the ground, through the driving procedure. Timber piles are well known for their efficiency and safety.

Above all, they are praised a lot as they are extremely economical too. Whether you are looking for piles for a temporary solution or you are on the lookout for a permanent structure solution; timber piles work fine for both.

Piling Dorchester

3. Driven Piles:

Driven piles are a much common type of piling material or style that is used widely. These piles are hammered into the ground through the vibration method. This type of piling is known to be best for foundations that have to be settled in non-cohesive soils. It is also a suitable option for grounds with a high water table and contaminated soils.

4. Sheet Piles:

Sheet piling is done through a process of interlocking a series of steel sheets. It is mostly used for lateral support purposes. It is crucial to know and understand that sheet piling does not offer vertical support for any building or any type of structure.

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Its main purpose is to protect the structure from river bank erosion. Moreover, it plays a role in retaining the loose soil that is present around the trenches of the foundation. Lastly, it further helps in isolation of foundation from the adjacent soils.

5. Bored Piles:

Another type of piling style is known as bored piles. These are installed through auguring. It is a process in which a hole is formed in the ground and concrete is poured into it. This Castes the pile into its perfect position. This type of piling is most commonly used at work sites and locations where there are a lot of buildings surrounding the structure. These are also said to be one of the strongest piles to opt for.


Understanding the basic and most commonly used Piling Slough types is helpful in understanding exactly which would be best for your building or given structure. Having an insight is important as it helps you in making better choices with the experts.

Whether you are building a home or a building or a simple small office; piling is one of the crucial steps that must be carried out efficiently. We highly recommend Southern Foundation Piling for this procedure though. They have years of experience and excel in managing the process extremely well.



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