Top 4 online converters

The advantage of online services is the ability to work on any device with any operating system. The main thing is to have a working modern browser, through which the conversion will be carried out.

1. Smallpdf

This is a completely free tool that allows you to modify in HUD. It is also possible to convert to other settings that work under Office. You can also work with images. It is easy to use this service, and it has a pretty high rating among users.

The logic of work is extremely simple. You need to select a document and drag it into the blue window. You can also select the distribution in the dialog box. When the conversion is complete, you are offered to save the result to Google Drive or Dropbox. Both of these options are freely available and work completely smoothly. The quality of the final result is preserved without increasing the actual size.

2. Go4Convert

Another free tool. Conversion between other extensions is also available, not only in Office. In general, this is a very interesting tool that gives its users a lot of features. The simple interface and clear design set this product apart from the others.

You need to go to the appropriate section, select the file through a dialog box or drag and drop it with your mouse, and then start the conversion. Small documents are processed quickly, the conversion time depends directly on the size of the original doc. As a test, Portable Document Format, consisting of 180 pages and weighing about 600 kb, was uploaded, and the output was a DOC distribution with the approximate weight of 700 kb. This is an excellent indicator for free software of this kind.

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3. 2PDF

Online converter It is the simplest project in both design and use, designed specifically so that it can be understood by all users, regardless of their skill level and computer skills. What’s even more remarkable, it is capable of modifying several distributions simultaneously.

But the best thing about this program is that there are many conversion formats and tools for working with PDF documents, which allows you to recognize text, compress a document, rotate it, and even rearrange pages as the user wants. In most cases, these features are only available in the premium segment. Therefore, this product can rightfully be called one of the best.

4. CloudConvert

This online service is interesting because it allows you to process multiple files simultaneously and convert them without losing quality or increasing weight. Here you can choose the URL, the service where the result will be saved and much more. The only peculiarity of this project is that it requires you to enter a valid email address where the result will be sent.


Now the reader has a clear idea of what the best PDF to Word converters are available in free mode. All the information presented in the article is both personal experience and information borrowed from foreign sources. These are so-called “best practices” that take into account all of the features of each offering. Testing of each product has helped to form an objective opinion, taking into account all the features of this or that solution.

Working with these programs is sure to be useful and effective. What option to choose is a matter of preference. Thank you for reading to the end and good luck!

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