The Surprising Way Moods Impact Sales Performance

The Surprising Way Moods Impact Sales Performance

Of all the factors that affect sales performance, mood is something that rarely comes up in the conversation. But if you really sit down and think about it, mood affects everything we do. If you are in a good mood, you are less likely to be irritated when you need to explain the same thing to your customer for the 10th time in a row. On the other hand, if you are already angry, things might not go as you want them to. Research conducted by the Harvard Business School found that happy salespeople sell 37% more than their less happy counterparts. So it is not only about the quality of your products but also the quality of your mood that can make or break the deal. But what is affecting the salespeople’s moods?


Since sales is a mental game as much as a physical act, it can be easy to be burned out. Burnout ranks high when it comes to the factors that negatively impact mood and job satisfaction. According to a study done by the World Health Organization, salespeople are more likely to experience burnout than people in any other profession.

Ineffective sales training:

The purpose of any training is to improve the skill set of the employees. But if the training is not done right, it can have the opposite effect. A study by Brandon Hall Group found that only 11% of organizations rate their sales training highly effective. This means that 89% of salespeople are not getting the proper training they need to do their job, which can lead to frustration and a feeling of being stuck in the same spot.

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Toxic work environment:

A toxic work environment is one of the quickest ways to kill motivation and mood. It will be hard to stay happy and upbeat if you feel like you are not valued or appreciated at your job. However, the definition of a toxic work environment may differ from person to person and organization to organization. While some organizations may consider a workplace with absolute freedom harmful and disturbing, others may not share the sentiment. But regardless of the organization type, every organization needs to run on mutual respect and personal space. The need for both is intensified for salespeople prone to more social interactions than people in other professions.

The morale of the sales team can have a direct impact on company revenue. A study by the University of Pennsylvania found that for every one percent increase in an employee’s mood, there was a two percent increase in their productivity. When it comes to sales, this means more closed deals and more commission earned.

It’s not just about being happy all the time – it’s about managing stress and having a proper work-life balance. According to a study done by Salesforce, 61% of salespeople say they feel stressed at work, and only 27% feel like they have a good work-life balance. This can lead to high levels of absenteeism, which can lead to lower sales numbers.

There is no debate that mood affects the sales performance of your employees and their abilities to close deals. So, what can you do to uplift their mood and increase their performance?

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Get to know your sales representatives:

Each person is unique, and the same goes for sales representatives. Take the time to get to know them as individuals. What makes them happy? What stresses them out? When you know what makes them tick, it’s easier to address any issues that come up.

Ensure they have the proper tools:

Sales representatives need the right tools to do their job, and if they don’t have access to those tools, it can lead to frustration. Make sure they have everything they need – from the right CRM software to a comfortable workstation – and know how to use those tools.

Lead with empathy:

In any leadership position, it’s important to lead with empathy. This is especially true in sales because representatives constantly put themselves out there and hear “no” more times than they would like. Be understanding and provide support when needed.

Encourage a work-life balance:

A healthy work-life balance is a key to avoiding burnout. Encourage your sales representatives to take vacation days, take breaks during the day, and unplug after work hours.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle:

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Encourage your sales representatives to live a healthy lifestyle by providing gym memberships or in-office yoga classes. You can also provide healthy snacks and drinks to keep them fueled throughout the day.

Offer incentives:

Sales representatives are driven by commission, so offer incentives for meeting and exceeding sales goals. This will not only help increase sales numbers but also boost morale and make your employees feel appreciated.

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Create a positive work environment:

As we mentioned before, a toxic work environment can kill motivation and mood. Make sure your workplace is one where employees feel valued and appreciated. Encourage open communication, give regular feedback, and create an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The bottom line is that mood matters when it comes to sales performance. If you want your employees to close more deals, creating a positive work environment and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is important. With the right tools and incentives, your sales team will be closing deals in no time.

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