The Setroc Group: Script to Screen, Everything in Between

 Francisco Cortes co-founded The Setroc Group in 2017 which is specialized in photography, film production, post-production and high-level animation innovation from strategy, design, and improvement to implementation and marketing. Our ingenious course and on-time execution can suit your agency’s budget maximize quickly Francisco Cortes Fox News feedback has been great and his work has earned the channel great recognition

The Setroc Group offers its customers the following services: 

Digital and social campaigns:

Never underestimate the power of social media! Successful brands like Uber and Netflix have built dynasties through social and digital campaigns; we initiate effective digital strategies to achieve high results.

 Media Relations /Public Relations: 

The Setroc Group uses the power of advertising to build the brands we support. Our team of experts knows what it takes to make your brand known to the public. They can build excitement and conversational value; create audiences inside and outside of your sphere of influence.

Marketing plans:

 You only have one chance to get a message across to the world by using us in creativity-based marketing plans and developing powerful strategies that will bring results. We build strong relationships with a wide variety of journalists and media bloggers to keep them going.

Up-to-date results for our customers:

Mission, guidelines, and practices are achieved by organizing online reviews, product placement, or writing national press releases. Extend the crisis to a minimum and take the necessary steps to restore your reputation and lasting connections between brands and people of all cultures, languages ​​, and technologies, we have built relationships with industry experts and the best bloggers over the past 20 years to effectively distribute multimedia in record time. The opportunity for content monetization has never been so great. People all over the world built their content empire by sharing the unique details of their personal experiences with the world, all thanks to the internet. 

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New content editors for social media, video sharing platforms, web-hosted blogs, and email newsletters where there is an engaged audience, there is a content creator ready for monetization.

B2B partnerships:

 Partnerships are the key to business development. We have helped dozens of B2B companies increase their credibility, visibility, and revenue through strategic alliances. The Setroc Group can present your brand to our partners. The companies are distributed in North, Central, and America. America. With affiliated offices in Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras, all you have to do is “get in touch” with us.

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 Media strategy:

 Our team of experts, media managers, and even former military personnel conscientiously informs about media needs, be it media management strategies, pragmatic training on how to make brand marketing out of an interview, instructions for sending messages, our group trains customers in leadership training, marketing training, public relations training and preparing to prepare them for the efficient use of the media and the mastery of speaking skills viscous. At The Setroc Group, we draw attention to your charity, build your brand, communicate with a target group, and encourage support. That is why we firmly believe in the power of philanthropy. One of the fastest ways to get your brand out there is to invest some of your time and resources in nonprofits and foundations. The Setroc Group coordinates a happy experience from individual consumer experiences to important events.

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