The Most Popular Cat Breeds

It is common to find cats in nearly all households. Most people pet them for company, while some use them to keep rats away from their homes.

Cats are energetic, playful, affectionate, and more. Owners must know how to bathe and groom them to avoid stickiness, dirt, and infections. They are easy to keep.

They come in all colours, sizes, and coats, depending on the breed. Some have fur, while others are hairless. Therefore, let us discuss some of the most popular cat breeds from A-Z that are found in most households.


It has bright blue eyes and a long silky soft coat that requires regular grooming to prevent knots and tangles. The ragdoll loves attraction from human beings as they may go limp in your arms and take in all the affection you have to give.

Ragdolls are gentle, calm, friendly, and affectionate, especially with children. They love human company, and like dogs, they are very loyal to their owners. They come in various colours, including chocolate, blue, and lilac.

They have a three-pattern variation. They are said to be fully mature once they are four years of age with a life expectancy of up to 15 years.


Exotics are a short-haired version of the Persian breed and are more popular because of their ease of maintenance.

An Exotic has a flat nose and face. These cats come in a range of colours and patterns like white, blue, red, lilac, and black. Their eyes can be blue, copper, or blue green, depending on their coat colours.

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This animal has large paws and a short, thick tail. You can brush it once every week to maintain its coat. It is calm and friendly, making living in an apartment or any household easy. They are affectionate and enjoy being around children and adults.

Maine Coon Cat

It is a sizeable, domesticated breed with a distinctive physical appearance and hunting skills. It is also known as the Maine Shag and is nicknamed gentle giants.

A Coon cat is 10 – 16 inches tall and 40 inches long. These felines have muscular bodies with broad chests and solid legs.

Although large, it is a sweet-tempered and gentle cat that is playful and curious. It can adapt to any environment so long as there is enough exercise room. Its standard solid colours are black, white, cream, and blue. Coons are regarded to be among the friendliest cat breeds.


Persians are the most recognizable breeds worldwide, characterized by their round, flat faces, short muzzles, and long, flowing fur. They also go by Persian longhair and Shirazi. These animals have compact bodies, heavy-boned legs, and medium-length tails. Their long, luxurious coats and big, expressive eyes make them easily recognizable.

A Persian is usually quiet, calm, affectionate, and easy-going but is rigid to strangers. It is not a surprise that they are content with sitting around since they enjoy being held. Their bodies are sturdy with solid, thick legs explaining why they are not jumpers.

They need a healthy diet, daily exercise and consistent grooming to minimize having fur all over your house. It is recommended to trim their hair around the paws to help them stay clean. Some owners go ahead and cut their whole body hair to help keep the house tidy. See this link for more

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British Shorthair

British Shorthairs can be mistaken for living teddy bears because of their resemblance in appearance and demeanour.

They have thick, plush short coats in any colour or pattern. They are characterized by their thick legs, broad chests, rounded heads, and chubby cheeks.

They are active, affectionate, intelligent, and easy-going. Once trained when still kittens, they can easily live with other cats, dogs, children and other family members.

Moreover, they are easy to train and groom, have high prey drive, intense loyalty, and tolerate being alone. Brush their coats weekly to remove dead hair and skin cells.

Devon Rex

It is known for its unique appearance. It has a hard, muscular, slender body with a broad chest and medium, sturdy limbs.

The hind limbs are usually slightly longer than the front ones. The head is broad and slightly longer, a short, well-developed muzzle, and prominent whisker pads. Its ears are noticeably large and set very low and wide at the base of the head. Their coat has little guard hair.

A Devon is active, mischievous, playful, and enjoys being around people. They are high jumpers and prefer being in high places or spots in a room.

They are also intelligent, easy to train, and can perform all manner of tricks. A Devon tends to show affection to one person in the home. They are playful throughout their lives. Click here to read more.


Other popular cat breeds include American Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Sphynx and the Abyssinian. Like humans, cat breeds can be obese if overfed. Every cat owner must know the right proportions of feeding and avoid rewarding your cat with snacks all the time. They can be lazy at times, and it is your responsibility to ensure they are active and exercise. Provide interactive toys to make them functional and avoid boredom.

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All cats require annual check-ups with a veterinarian for cleaning and detecting any health issues. Regularly bathe and groom your cats to avoid infections. Keep their vaccinations updated and ensure to spray or neuter them. Always keep your pet’s litter box clean.

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