Five Safe Ways to Buy Gold

“The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race.” – Gerald M. Loeb. The demand for the shiny metal keeps increasing as more investors see reasons to own it.

During an economic crisis, investors convert some of their portfolios to gold assets. Inflation affects paper assets and other financial instruments. However, precious metals do not suffer inflation spikes and crashes. Hence, it is a haven for investors.

There are several ways you can invest in this metal. Some persons prefer to invest with companies, while others buy accessories. Whatever method you choose to invest in, finding a safe place to buy gold is necessary.

Five Ways You Can Invest In Gold

Gold Bullion

Bullion is precious metal coins refined to a certain degree of purity. People prefer this saving method because they buy physical coins or bars. These can be seen and touched; however, there are some disadvantages.

Precious metals are shiny and expensive. Thus, this makes them an item of interest for thieves. In buying gold coins, there is a need to save them in a depository. This is because owners stand the risk of exposure to criminal attacks.

Owners do not directly make profits on the metal. Unlike owners of businesses like the mining company, your metal remains the same. However, you make money through an increase in the value of the commodity. As the price of the metal increases, the worth also increases.

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Investors can purchase this shiny metal in various ways. You can buy from a local merchant in your area or online sellers. However, before proceeding with the transactions, you may need to check the spot price. You can click here to read more about spot price.

Several persons prefer investing in bars instead of coins. You may spend more money on paying for collector value when buying coins.

There are some risks for investing in bullion. First, you are at risk of attacks from criminals. Secondly, you may find it hard to exchange your metal for cash at the exact market value, especially if your holdings are coins. For that reason, you may end up selling them for a much lower price than their worth.

Gold Futures

Some investors choose to invest in futures because of the leverage it offers. It allows you to predict the rise or fall of gold. Investors can buy or sell the gold futures at will, after speculating.

Futures provide leverage for trading the metal. Therefore, you can hold large amounts of this metal with a small amount of money. Understanding how to predict the market can make you lots of cash quickly.

However, investors of futures contracts risk losing all their money. Due to the leverage, you can earn large sums fast, the same way you may lose so much in no time. “But, how does this happen?”

Trading with futures contracts provides you with leverage. Leverage magnifies your purchasing power; hence, you can buy more with smaller funds. If your prediction is wrong, the prices will move against you. When this happens, you may deposit additional funds to retain the contract, or your broker closes all your trades at a loss.

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Investing in such a market needs experience and expertise. Ensure that you understand the market and know all the rules before investing in futures.

Gold ETFs

ETF is short for Exchange Traded Funds. It is a better alternative to buying bullions or fast pacing futures. ETFs track the price of the commodity. However, you will need to register with a company.

Compared to buying bullion, ETFs provide a faster way of exchanging them for cash and – at market price. Investors can trade them whenever the market opens – just like trading stocks. Thus, ETFs have high liquidity when compared to physical bullion.

However, investors face the risk of exposure to gold prices. ETFs are like stocks – they are volatile occasionally. But, they protect your assets and maintain the value of your holdings.

Mining Stocks

Miners are the ones that do the dirty job. However, they benefit more from gold than any other industry player. We can see them as the sole producers.

Miners gain profits in two different ways. They make profits from the increase in gold value. However, they can also make more by increasing production. Investors can get some benefits from mining by investing in the company stocks. You can click on to read more about mining stocks.

However, finding a reliable mining company might be tasking. Investing with a scam company is risky as you can lose all your capital. Ensure that you research well before partnering with any mining firm. In addition, avoid companies that do not have a mine.

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Mining ETFs

If you do not want o go through the hassle of researching companies, you can settle for the mining ETFs. It provides you the opportunity to trade with the biggest mining firms. Investors can benefit more from this as the funds are not from a single producer. Thus, any underperformance in one company will not affect you.

As much as mining ETFs protect you against the poor productivity of a company, they cannot protect you from an event that impacts the entire industry. In addition, some companies do not have equal producing power, which is risky. Hence, take care when choosing an ETF.


Everyone might invest in gold, but not everyone will afford to buy it. There are other safe ways to buy bullion. They include stocks, ETFs, futures, and Bullions. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

Investing in gold generally requires knowledge. Ensure that you spend time to make your findings. It is because you can make so much money and, likewise, lose it all, like with Futures.

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