The Federal Government’s Role in Healthcare: Programs and Policies

The federal government plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry in the United States. With different programs and policies that they have initiated, the federal government aims to provide better access to healthcare services. These can help in protecting public health as well as for supporting healthcare innovation and research. If you are here to know about some of the healthcare federal services i.e. the programs and policies, then read on.

Best healthcare programs and policies

Here are some of the key programs and policies by the federal government to enhance healthcare services:

  1. Medicare

This is one of the best federal healthcare programs that can provide coverage to some particular individuals and specific groups. The Medicare program is mainly designed for individuals who are aged 65 or more. Also, it offers coverage for younger individuals with disabilities.

  1. Medicaid

The federal government has introduced this healthcare program for low-income families and individuals. This can help them to get the appropriate treatments at the best healthcare facilities without worrying about money.

  1. ACA – Affordable Care Act

This policy is also known as Obamacare which was signed in 2010 and it is aimed to provide affordable healthcare coverage to the people. This provides medical insurance to lower-income families and people. It also includes consumer protection measures that prohibit insurance companies from denying any coverage due to some pre-existing conditions.

  1. CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program

CHIP policy is designed to provide healthcare insurance coverage to children of low-income families. This is one of the joint state and federal government services in the healthcare department that cover preventative care, emergency services, and immunizations.

  1. FDA – Food and Drug Administration
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The FDA agency by the federal government is responsible for protecting public health by regulating the safety and effectiveness of drugs, medical devices, food, and more. They play a vital role in making sure that public health is safe by approving pharmaceuticals and medical technologies.

  1. NIH – National Institute of Health

The NIH is a primary federal agency for performing research related to medicines and medical treatments in the United States. It conducts and supports biomedical research along with clinical trials and more. With this research, the United States can come up with some scientific discoveries and collaborations for public health.

  1. CDC – Centers of Disease Control and Prevention

This program by the federal government focuses mainly on disease prevention and public health. It can provide resources as well as guidance for protecting Americans from health threats that include chronic conditions, infectious diseases, and some emergencies. We have, recently, seen the importance of this with the outbreak of COVID-19.


The federal technology service also has a great impact on the healthcare industry. With the newly launched innovative technologies, healthcare professionals can monitor and treat patients more efficiently than ever. They can help in monitoring disease outbreaks, performing research, and extracting insurance data for a faster and more efficient process. These health initiatives by the federal government can really help the people in the USA to get better treatments and medical attention without worrying about the payments. 

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