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Social WiFi Marketing: Source of Business Analysis and Marketing 

From Facebook to Instagram and YouTube to Google Ads, digital marketing, like anything else on the internet, is developing fast. These are very effective but costly digital marketing and analytics tools for companies to capitalize on. As in 2021, we have entered into a new digital decade; you’ll need to discover some economic methods to promote your business. And understanding the need of the hour, technologists have developed a very economical marketing solution in the form of social WiFi marketing.

For your brick-and-mortar business, social WiFi, with its captive portal tool, can help you capture consumer data. You can use this data for the purpose of remarketing and it will make you convert browsers into paid customers, and target in-store patrons with personalized real-time promotions. With this marketing tool, you can send push on-the-spot marketing offers to visit shoppers via their smartphones. This is why, for a better bang for offline businesses, experts recommend social WiFi. If you want to learn more about this marketing tool, continue reading!

Difference between WiFi Marketing and Social WiFi Marketing Explained:

The traditional WiFi offered within buildings requires smartphone users to choose their network and ask for/type in a password. WiFi marketing works almost the same, the only difference is once the customer tries to connect, he reaches a WiFi landing page. On this WiFi landing page, he has to share some data like email, phone numbers, or some other detail. The captive portal tool of WiFi marketing solution captures this data and stores it on the database of customer profiles. The retailers then use this data to remarket their new products and services. They also approach their customers when they are offering sales.

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Social WiFi, on the other hand, makes it simple for customers to quickly and easily connect to your public WiFi network. It does so by allowing them to log in via their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social network accounts. The WiFi solutions extract customers from their accounts for later use. Moreover, once a customer logs in, he can be prompted to “like,” “check-in” and “follow” your business. And in return, you can offer him a targeted promotion/mobile coupon designed to build a social engagement (such as “take 10% off your purchase today if you like us on Facebook”).

The Benefits of Social WiFi for Consumers and Retailers:

For the Customers:

  • Whether it be the use of social media or internet exploring, customers want internet access all the time. The mobile data that cellular companies provide is not affordable. This is why people always prefer going to places that offer free WiFi. This saves them a lot of dollars that could have been spent on mobile data.


  • Guest WiFi that retail stores often provide has much faster internet speed if you compare it with mobile data. Fast internet speed has great benefits for customers like they can browse fast and communicate with the rest of the world more quickly.


  • Because of free guest WiFi, customers spend more time in the business venue. This is because free internet makes them enjoy their time while shopping.

For the Retailers:

  • The ultimate goal of every business is to drive more sales and increase its profit. Social WiFi can do that for offline businesses. Your business will receive a boost when you engage in WiFi marketing because customers will spend more money when they stay longer in your venue.
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  • Social WiFi can help you understand your customers. It provides you with an abundance of data and knowledge about shoppers. You can use these insights to understand your business, the in-store experience, and what makes your customers tick.


  • With social WiFi, you can build a bigger audience. Whether you’re collecting email addresses, phone numbers, or social profiles, these customers are becoming a list of interested individuals.  You can market in the future with your targeted ads to attract their attention.


  • Social WiFi marketing also provides you an opportunity to promote a new product or campaign. There are a number of ways this tool offers that you can use to promote your brand. This can include the message on your splash page, through to retargeted ads and follow-up email campaigns. You can send your customers personalized offers based on their activity and Facebook profiles. You can also use foot traffic data (such as how they’ve navigated your store, where they’re converting, where they’re spending the most time, etc.) to inform store layout and visual merchandising decisions. This information also helps you in deciding about your sales strategy.  


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