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Six Questions to Ask to Find an Auto Theft Lawyer

If you are looking for an auto theft crime lawyer there are some questions you should ask before you choose one to represent you. Here is a closer look.

  1. Are they qualified and licensed? It might seem like a pretty obvious thing but there are people claiming to be something they are not, or practicing law in states they are not licensed. Make sure they have a license for where you are, and that it is not out of date.
  2. How many years have they worked in criminal law? You should make sure they have experience in criminal law and not any other kind when you are looking for an auto theft lawyer. Ideally, more than a decade is a good number, they have learned the system, know some tricks, and so on. With this being about your future it is not something to hand over to someone newly qualified if you have a choice.
  3. How much experience do they have in court? As well as plenty of legal experience they also need to have actual experience in court. You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of lawyers who have not ever appeared in court. It takes a skill to present a defence and be persuasive. A lot of lawyers move towards settlements by finding a way to avoid court, but in case that is not how you want this to go, you will need someone who works for your best possible outcome.
  4. How do they communicate and how often? You want your theft crime lawyer to keep in touch, give you updates, let you know when there is a change and so on. Preferably they will use a method that you are most comfortable with, emails, phone and such.
  5. What are the costs and what are the payment options? You need to know how they charge, some do flat rates, some charge hourly fees and so on. Clients do better with a flat fee, you know how much something will be. Hourly rates can start to add up and there are some less honest lawyers that drag things out or add to their fees. If they do charge flat fees what does that actually cover? As tempting as it might be to see really low rates and choose that lawyer, be wary, very low fees might indicate some dishonesty. Some lawyers offer payment plans so you can afford them.
  6. Are they the ones who will be handling your case? There are some times when you hire an auto theft lawyer but they are going to give your case to someone else in the firm. This can be fine in some cases, but if it means your case is being passed to someone completely new just out of school that is not to your advantage.
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By asking the above questions you can better find a lawyer that you can afford and who has the right experience and qualifications.

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